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Expo Hall at ACT Expo

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ACT Expo – The Largest Clean Fleet Event Returns to Southern California

April 11, 2019ACT Expo showcases the applications of the latest transportation technologies, drivetrains, and clean fuels.

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ACT Expo 2019: Speaker Line Up Announced

April 2, 2019The 2019 ACT Expo will bring together over 200 industry expert speakers through a series of workshops, technical sessions, and co-located partner events.

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ACT Expo 2019: A New Workshop Explores Greening Aviation

March 29, 2019ACT Expo is adding a new workshop to its 2019 agenda exploring incentives, technologies, and policies that are spurring a ‘greening’ of the aviation industry.

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Image: Port of Long Beach

ACT Expo 2019: New Forum to Explore the Future of Clean Cargo Handling Equipment

March 28, 2019Pacific Merchant Shipping Association will hold a forum for terminal operators and port stakeholders to learn about the future of clean cargo handling equipment.

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ACT Expo 2019: A New Workshop Helps Fleets Meet the Vehicle Maintenance Challenges Ahead

March 27, 2019A new ACT Expo workshop covers how to successfully recruit, train, and develop teams to support commercial transportation's evolving workforce needs.

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Cliff Rechtschaffen Headshot

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EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: California Public Utilities Commission Drives Energy Leadership

March 13, 2019ACT News Interview with Cliff Rechtschaffen, Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission, guiding California’s energy programs and policies.

Energy Independence Summit 2019

Clean Transportation Leaders Engage Congress at Annual Energy Independence Summit

March 7, 2019The Annual Energy Independence Summit brings together a diverse array of stakeholders in the clean transportation and alternative fuel industries.

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Startups and Industry Leaders Alike Compete to Develop the Next Major Battery Technology

February 27, 2019Manufacturers race to bring better and more cost-effective battery technology to the transportation market, with many promising developments.

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EV options have increased

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EV Procurement: A Culture Shift for Light-Duty Fleets in 2019

January 31, 2019The light-duty EV market offers multiple options, making 2019 the prime year for fleets to include them in procurement plans.

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Clean Vehicle Funding Workshop Series at ACT Expo

January 28, 2019Learn about the billions of dollars in vehicle funding available in the near-term for fleets to install infrastructure and replace vehicles and equipment.

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CMAQ Could Fund These Alternative Fuel Trucks

CMAQ Rule Simplification May Free Up Millions in Funding for Clean Fuels and Vehicles

January 24, 2019The Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) program has historically provided millions of dollars of funding for clean vehicle projects.

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ACT Expo to Recognize Sustainable Transportation Leaders

December 13, 2018The ACT Expo Fleet Awards are the ultimate recognition of fleet operators who show true leadership in clean transportation—having gone above and beyond to achieve sustainability in their transportation operations.

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Fleets for the Future Completes First Phase of Procurement

December 12, 2018Fleets for the Future is a national initiative that enables public fleets to consolidate bulk orders of alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure.

Clean Communities of Central New York (CC of CNY)

Vic LaRosa with TTSI Truck Fleet

Image: TTSI

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: TTSI Embraces Zero-Emission Transportation

December 5, 2018In an ACT News Executive Interview, Vic LaRosa with TTSI shares how the company is committed to a zero-emission transportation pathway.

Dan Berlenbach Stands at Fleet Services Wall of Pride

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: City of Long Beach Fleet Winning Multiple Awards

November 29, 2018In an ACT News Executive Interview, Dan Berlenbach with the City of Long Beach discusses leadership and his hope for clean transportation.

Diverse Approach in California can Reverse Troubling Climate Protection and Air Quality Trends

November 13, 2018In California, the transportation sector has seen an increase in climate pollutants over the past several years. Learn how a diverse policy approach can curtail pollutants from the state’s largest greenhouse gas source.

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