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Image: SunBus

Air Products, New Flyer Promote Benefits of Fuel Cell Electric Buses

April 9, 2021Air Products, an industrial gases company, and New Flyer of America Inc. recently demonstrated the benefits of fuel cell electric buses powered with Air Products’ hydrogen.

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Image: Michelin

Michelin Reinforces Bet on Hydrogen to Move Beyond Tires

April 9, 2021Michelin is intensifying efforts to make fuel cells as the French company bets that growing demand for hydrogen vehicles will help reduce its dependence on tires.

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Image: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg News

EV Shift Becomes Life-or-Death Risk for Automakers

April 8, 2021A comprehensive study of the developing electric-vehicle market by consultant KPMG titled, “Place Your Billion-Dollar Bets Wisely.” It posits the $200 billion automakers are pouring into EVs now is chasing sales that will represent 24% to 37% of the global auto market by 2030.

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Image: Farizon

Farizon AD21 Defies the Tesla Semi Truck With Battery Swapping

April 8, 2021The Farizon AD21 was designed in Europe but aims mostly at the Chinese market, where stricter laws on diesel trucks will soon make them illegal in many of the country’s megacities. Only electric trucks will manage to drive there, and the Farizon AD21 wants to be among them.

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Image: Hyliion

Major fleets to test if Hyliion Hypertruck is in it for the long haul

April 8, 2021With the formation of the Hypertruck Innovation Council, Hyliion is ready to test how far its Class 8 battery/natural gas hybrid can go to cut fleets’ carbon footprint and fuel costs.

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Image: Port of Long Beach

Port of Long Beach mulls alternative energies as power demand set to skyrocket

April 8, 2021The Port of Long Beach expects its power demand on the electricity grid “to triple or quadruple” by 2035 from increases in shoreside power and electricity-powered yard equipment.

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Image: Cruise AV

Why Remote Control Isn’t Required for Self-Driving Vehicles

April 8, 2021As autonomous vehicle testing advances without cohesive federal guidelines, companies are operating under inconsistent or nonexistent rules for how and whether a vehicle is monitored and controlled on the road.

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Image: Run on Less

Preparing for Run on Less – Electric

April 7, 2021Gathering data from electric trucks in real-world operations will help the entire industry gain a better understanding of the benefits and challenges of these vehicles.

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Image: REEF Technology

Will e-cargo bikes take over last-mile delivery?

April 7, 2021Electric-assisted cargo bikes (e-cargo bikes) have an electric motor, which means that couriers such as Rosal don’t need to be in shape for the next Tour de France or RAGBRAI in order to haul more freight or travel challenging distances.

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Charging 201 – Power Management & Resilience

Webinar Date: May 18, 2021 at 10:00am PSTJoin the third webinar in the Electric Truck Bootcamp series on May 18 at 10 am PT, hosted in partnership with NACFE and RMI.

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Image: Mack

EV charging setup would cost Schneider, NFI more than 10 times annual fuel savings: study

April 6, 2021Schneider could save $554,813 in annual fuel costs by electrifying its 42-truck fleet based out of Stockton, California, according to a study prepared by Gladstein, Neandross & Associates funded by the Environmental Defense Fund.

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Image: Plug Power

Hydrogen benefits highly utilized trucks

April 6, 2021There is no denying the move towards alternative fuel solutions is gaining momentum with hydrogen and battery electric each surfacing as leaders depending on the use cases.

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Image: Isuzu

Gatik, Isuzu to partner on autonomous truck platform

April 6, 2021Truck manufacturer Isuzu North America and autonomous vehicle startup Gatik will collaborate on a fully autonomous medium-duty truck, the companies announced Tuesday.

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Image: Embark

Embark standardizes self-driving tech for major truck OEMs

April 5, 2021Autonomous truck developer Embark launched the Embark Universal Interface (EUI), a set of standardized self-driving components and the flexible interfaces necessary for major truck OEMs to more easily and robustly integrate Embark’s autonomous technology onto their vehicle platforms.

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Image: Volvo Trucks

Autonomous endgame: The 10-year plan

April 5, 2021How soon will autonomous trucks be on the road? Will they eliminate the driver? Who takes the fall if an accident occurs? These questions and more are answered by trucking experts on the future of self-driving technology.

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Image: Arrival

EV Provider Arrival Goes Public

April 2, 2021Electric vehicle provider Arrival announced it became a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq Global Select Market. Its ordinary shares are listed under the ticker symbol ARVL.

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