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Will Electric Trucks Need New Suspensions?

November 24, 2021Electric trucks will redefine how we move freight, but will the addition of a few tons of batteries demand a redesign of the vehicle itself?

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Viridos Agreement with ExxonMobil to Help Scale Algae Biofuels Toward Commercial Levels

November 22, 2021Viridos Inc., earlier known as Synthetic Genomics, has signed a joint development agreement with ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company with the intent to bring Viridos’ low-carbon intensity algae biofuels toward commercial levels.

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Exclusive: Behind the Scenes at Torc Robotics

November 22, 2021Torc was the first autonomous start-up company to realize that deep integration with a commercial vehicle OEM was the only way to successfully develop autonomous truck technology and bring it to market.

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California Hydrogen Leadership Summit Sets Sights on Policy Action

November 19, 2021The Summit will connect policymakers with experts and stakeholders from California’s backbone industries to explore the issues and develop policy action in 2022.

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‘Propane DME Blends’ Project Receives DOE Funding

November 18, 2021The U.S. Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies Office awarded more than $4 million in funding to test novel applications of dimethyl ether (DME) as a low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels.

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Honda Tests Prototype Autonomous Work Vehicle at Construction Site

November 17, 2021Honda and Black & Veatch announced the completion of a successful test of the fully-electric prototype Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle (AWV) at a Black & Veatch construction site in New Mexico.

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TuSimple Set for Driverless Test Runs

November 15, 2021TuSimple plans to start running “driver-out” autonomous-truck pilots by the end of the year, removing the driver for runs over an 80-mile route between Phoenix and Tucson.

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Giga Carbon Neutrality Prepares Launch of Zero-Emission Commercial Vehicles

November 12, 2021Giga Carbon Neutrality (GCN), a clean trucking and technology company, has unveiled a comprehensive range of zero-emission commercial vehicles that it plans to bring to market over the next two years.

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What Does Daimler Truck Spin-Off Mean for North America?

November 12, 2021While the chip shortage and other constraints have affected Daimler Trucks North America as they have other vehicle manufacturers, the company’s still number one in Class 6-8 market share and plans to stay there as it pushes forward with zero-emissions, autonomous, and connected-vehicle technologies.

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Ballard Acquires Arcola Energy to Help Customers Integrate Fuel Cell Systems into HD Mobility

November 12, 2021Ballard Power Systems has acquired Arcola Energy, a UK-based systems engineering company specializing in hydrogen fuel cell powertrain and vehicle systems integration.

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Shell Recharge Solutions

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Greenlots Becoming Shell Recharge Solutions, Fostering Greater Access to Commercial Transportation Electrification

November 10, 2021Greenlots recently announced that in early 2022, the company will become Shell Recharge Solutions, helping to further deliver lower-carbon transportation for commercial fleets, businesses, cities, and public charging.

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Geely’s Farizon Auto Reveals Homtruck Commercial Vehicle Variations

November 9, 2021The Homtruck focuses on efficiency, driver and pedestrian safety, and offers breakthroughs in sustainable powertrains, including range extender, methanol hybrid, and pure electric with a battery swapping option.

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SEA Electric Proves Depot-Based Renewable Power Plant Strategy

November 9, 2021Featuring an array of 250 x 400W solar panels, the system is currently tracking at 90% carbon positive, having produced 24MWH of energy to date.

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ELMS Plans Production of Class 3 Urban Utility Commercial EV

November 8, 2021Electric Last Mile Solutions Inc. is moving ahead with plans to launch the Urban Utility vehicle, a Class 3 commercial electric vehicle targeting more than 5,700 lbs. of max payload, more than 11,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight rating and approximately 125 miles of range.

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UPS, TuSimple Expand Partnership

November 4, 2021UPS Inc. and autonomous vehicle company TuSimple Holdings Inc. plan to expand their 3-year-old business relationship by adding routes where TuSimple will move cargo for the Atlanta-based company in autonomous, Class 8 trucks in the southeastern and western U.S.

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Einride Brings Autonomous, Electric Vehicles to U.S.

November 3, 2021Einride, a Swedish company offering digital, electric, and autonomous shipping technology, has entered the United States with several customers and is adding new products such as a U.S. version of its autonomous Pod vehicle.

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