Topic: Executive Interview

Lyndel Fusello Photo

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Genentech Powers Electric Bus Program with Innovation and Partnerships

November 4, 2020An ACT Virtual Executive Interview with Lyndel Fusello to hear how the electric bus program at Genentech is achieving sustainability goals.

Hydrogen topic of Bill Zobel interview

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles – The Time is Now

October 8, 2020An ACT News Executive Interview with Bill Zobel from CHBC to observe National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day on October 8, 2020.

Steve Carlisle of GM

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: GM Envisions a Future with Zero Crashes, Zero Emissions and Zero Congestion

September 29, 2020An ACT Virtual Executive Interview with Steve Carlisle to learn firsthand how GM is working towards a zero emission future.

Electrification Coalition Image of Natalia Swalnick

Image: ACT News

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: The Electrification Coalition Promotes Policies and Actions to Accelerate Deployment of EVs on a Mass Scale

September 8, 2020An ACT Virtual Executive Interview with Natalia Swalnick to hear how the Electrification Coalition strategies advance electric mobility.

Lena Luna Image

Image: ACT Virtual

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: EMUHSD is Introducing Zero-Emission Transportation Options to the School District

July 29, 2020An ACT Virtual Executive Interview with Lena Luna, Facility and Energy Manager, to learn how EMUHSC is updating their fleet with EV School buses.


Image: ACT News

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: The SJVAPCD is Closer to an Electric Yard Truck Funding Program

July 29, 2020SJVAPCD is one of the primary funders of clean transportation projects in the Central Valley and has administered multiple diesel replacement projects.

e-propulsion overseen by Ryan Laskey

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Dana is Focused on e-Propulsion and Reducing Their Environmental Impact

July 15, 2020An ACT Virtual Executive Interview with Ryan Laskey to learn how Dana is providing e-propulsion solutions for the vehicles of today and tomorrow.

Executive Interview with Craig Harper

Image: ACT Virtual

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: J.B. Hunt is on a Mission to Create the Most Efficient Transportation Network in North America

July 6, 2020An ACT Virtual Executive Interview with Craig Harper to hear how J.B. Hunt is dedicated to creating a sustainable, innovative supply chain.

Nick Chase of Bolthouse Farms Discusses Electric Tractor Terminals

Image: ACT News

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Bolthouse Farms Is Achieving Significant Emissions Reductions with Electric Terminal Tractors

June 25, 2020Bolthouse Farms is adding electric terminal tractor technology to their fleet, helping to achieve emissions reductions that benefit Central California.

Image: ACT News

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Michigan’s DTE Energy is Making Transportation Electrification a Priority, with a Focus on School Buses

February 19, 2020DTE is leading with transportation electrification initiatives including a pilot project with electric school buses and a vehicle-to-grid study.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: How Southern California Edison is Charging Forward with Transportation Electrification

January 20, 2020Katie Sloan, Director of eMobility, Building Electrification and Customer Service Governance, details SCE’s commitment to supporting vehicle electrification across all sectors—including heavy-duty trucks.

Image: ACT News

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: How California’s Labor Unions are Building the Workforce for a Clean Energy Future

January 8, 2020The California State Council of Laborers work in conjunction with California’s ambitious clean air and climate goals, creating and training the highly skilled and in-demand workforce required for California’s clean energy future.

Paola Santana_Social Glass

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Two Companies, One Woman, Leading the Way with Drone Technology and AI

November 26, 2019Paola Santana of Social Glass discusses how advanced technologies, such as AI and drones, can help tackle today’s largest transportation issues.

Toby Kraus of Proterra

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Proterra Offers Electrification Solutions Package to Commercial OEMs

August 9, 2019Toby Kraus, vice president Proterra Powered, discusses how Proterra's electrification technology is now available for commercial vehicle OEMs.

Mari Roberts, Frito-Lay

Image: ACT News

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Technology, Efficiency and Strategy Drive Frito-Lay’s Fleet Sustainability

July 16, 2019Mari Roberts, senior director of transportation at Frito-Lay, discusses how the company is at the forefront of sustainability and implementing advanced vehicle technologies and fuel efficiencies.

Mike Hasinec - Penske

Image: ACT News

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Penske Truck Leasing is a Proven Innovator in Vehicle Maintenance

July 2, 2019Mike Hasinec, vice president of maintenance at Penske Truck Leasing, talks about success in keeping up with the rapid pace of changing vehicle technology.