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Electric, Natural Gas Trucking Sectors Duel Over Who Deserves Funding — Now

May 14, 2020Natural gas proponents are hoping the coronavirus pandemic will accelerate adoption of natural gas trucks even as electric truck advocates double down on battery power as the key to reducing greenhouse gases and diesel particulate emissions.

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Major Truck Suppliers Bank On Electrification in COVID-19 Triage

May 1, 2020Two major trucking suppliers reported lower sales for the first three months of the year as expected Thursday, but even facing a business slowdown of uncertain length, they continue to spend on electrification programs that could eventually transform the industry.

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Putting Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trucks to Work

April 30, 2020TTSI has used hydrogen fuel cell trucks in its drayage operation for nearly 10 years and has experienced firsthand the pros and cons of this technology. For fuel cells to work on a larger scale, cost and fueling infrastructure issues must be worked out.

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Image of a medium duty electric battery van.

The New Frontier for Medium-Duty EV Innovation

April 22, 2020While the popularity of OEM passenger electric vehicles  has skyrocketed in recent years, medium- and heavy-duty commercial EV deployments are limited to pilots and small demonstration fleets.

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Image of a Clean Energy brand CNG fueling station.

VW Settlement, Market Momentum Boost California Clean Truck Projects

April 15, 2020The producer of ACT Expo talks tailwinds and headwinds facing alternative fuel vehicle programs in the wake of coronavirus pandemic.

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Image of a white heavy-duty autonomous truck by Starsky driving on a freeway.

Commentary: Real trucking factors in autonomous vehicle development

April 15, 2020I was fortunate to be the operational leader in an autonomous truck development company by the name of Starsky Robotics. Starsky was a Silicon Valley-based start-up with an extremely talented engineering team and clear path for technology advancement.

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Image of a heavy-duty freight truck driving down an empty freeway.

Analysts: Trucking Ripe With Opportunities for Autonomous Technology

April 10, 2020Commercial and heavy-duty truck segment are where self-driving technology will make its quickest penetration — and strongest business case — according to transport industry analysts.

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A Starsky Robotics heavy duty vocational freight truck drives along a freeway.

What autonomous truck startups can learn from Starsky’s failure

March 23, 2020Starsky was somewhat atypical in what it was building. The company focused on building an autonomous system that allowed a truck to drive unoccupied on roadways, but it would always be monitored by a remote driver. That driver would use video cameras and vehicle controls such as a steering wheel to take control of the...

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A propane autogas box truck with the Shock Top beer brand on its box parks in front of a building.

All About Propane Autogas

March 20, 2020The alternative-fuels terrain can be tough to navigate. Propane autogas is one of those clean-operating, low-carbon fuels that you will hear about in today’s fleets.

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Class 3 Fedex delivery truck charges at an EV charging station.

Vehicle electrification is not just about reducing emissions

March 17, 2020Keith Schmid, the COO of Plug Power, a fuel cell technology startup, discusses the impact of alternative-fuel vehicles in the last-mile segment and Plug Power’s position in a disruptive market that is seeking to reduce its carbon footprint.

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EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Michigan’s DTE Energy is Making Transportation Electrification a Priority, with a Focus on School Buses

February 19, 2020DTE is leading with transportation electrification initiatives including a pilot project with electric school buses and a vehicle-to-grid study.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: How Southern California Edison is Charging Forward with Transportation Electrification

January 20, 2020Katie Sloan, Director of eMobility, Building Electrification and Customer Service Governance, details SCE’s commitment to supporting vehicle electrification across all sectors—including heavy-duty trucks.

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: How California’s Labor Unions are Building the Workforce for a Clean Energy Future

January 8, 2020The California State Council of Laborers work in conjunction with California’s ambitious clean air and climate goals, creating and training the highly skilled and in-demand workforce required for California’s clean energy future.

Paola Santana_Social Glass

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Two Companies, One Woman, Leading the Way with Drone Technology and AI

November 26, 2019Paola Santana of Social Glass discusses how advanced technologies, such as AI and drones, can help tackle today’s largest transportation issues.

Toby Kraus of Proterra

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Proterra Offers Electrification Solutions Package to Commercial OEMs

August 9, 2019Toby Kraus, vice president Proterra Powered, discusses how Proterra's electrification technology is now available for commercial vehicle OEMs.

Mari Roberts, Frito-Lay

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Technology, Efficiency and Strategy Drive Frito-Lay’s Fleet Sustainability

July 16, 2019Mari Roberts, senior director of transportation at Frito-Lay, discusses how the company is at the forefront of sustainability and implementing advanced vehicle technologies and fuel efficiencies.