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Oregon DEQ releases timeline for Clean Fuels Program expansion

May 28, 2020The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality on May 18 announced it has submitted detailed information to Gov. Kate Brown on how it plans to carry out her March 10 executive order that set a new goal for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction.

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Trucking’s road to zero emissions

May 21, 2020Until zero-emissions vehicles are more attainable, adding propane and CNG trucks can help reduce a fleet’s carbon footprint.

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SCS approved as verification body for California LCFS

May 14, 2020SCS Global Services, a leading global third-party verifier of environmental claims, is now approved by the California Air Resources Board as a verification body for the Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

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Propane Autogas Taxi in Las Vegas

Propane Autogas Hybrid Fleet Hits the Streets

May 5, 2020Propane autogas is a proven and reliable alternative energy source for fleets looking for a cost-effective solution for reducing emissions.

Propane Education & Research Council (PERC)

Stimulus Funds for Clean Transportation

Clean Transportation Stimulus has Billions of Dollars Available

April 23, 2020While the federal stimulus is not for clean transportation projects, millions of dollars are available via the VW settlement funds and state-level programs.

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Covid-19 Empties Streets

The COVID-19 Pandemic and Clean Transportation

April 15, 2020The impact of COVID-19 on clean transportation has been swift and devastating. How do we chart a path to achieve a cleaner and more sustainable world?

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Image of a Clean Energy brand CNG fueling station.

VW Settlement, Market Momentum Boost California Clean Truck Projects

April 15, 2020The producer of ACT Expo talks tailwinds and headwinds facing alternative fuel vehicle programs in the wake of coronavirus pandemic.

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Image of a white propane autogas pick-up truck parked in an outside parking lot.

Alternative Fuel Tax Credit Retroactively Extended for Propane Autogas Vehicles

April 13, 2020The Propane Education & Research Council is encouraging propane autogas fleet operators to take advantage of the Alternative Fuel Tax Credit, which was recently passed by the U.S. Congress.

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LCFS Money

Generate Revenue with Clean Fuels

March 26, 2020For California fleets interested in transitioning to clean vehicles, LCFS can be a revenue generator to offset the higher costs.

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A propane autogas box truck with the Shock Top beer brand on its box parks in front of a building.

All About Propane Autogas

March 20, 2020The alternative-fuels terrain can be tough to navigate. Propane autogas is one of those clean-operating, low-carbon fuels that you will hear about in today’s fleets.

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Ford F-750 truck driving through intersection

USPS Contractor Purchases Propane Delivery Trucks

March 12, 2020McAbee Trucking, a freight shipping and trucking company based in Blacksburg, S.C., has purchased eight Ford F-750 delivery trucks fueled by propane autogas.

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Investments Drive Sustainable Transportation Growth

February 27, 2020The ACT Expo Investor Summit, launching this year at ACT Expo, is a first-of-its-kind event to focus on investing in the clean fleet market.

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Worker performs maintenance on schoolbus engine.

School Bus Operators Save Big on Maintenance With Propane

February 27, 2020According to the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), there are nearly 20,000 propane school buses on the road nationwide, and over 1.2 million students in 48 states are transported to and from school on a propane bus.

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Finding Funding Isn’t as Simple as Point and Click

February 20, 2020While other funding resources require you to point and click through countless incentives, GNA’s Funding 360 Program is a proven market-intelligence solution to help you pursue—and secure—the funds you need.

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Alliance AutoGas Boasts a Successful 2019

February 6, 2020Alliance AutoGas (AAG), an international network that provides propane autogas solutions to light-, medium- and heavy-duty fleets, says 2019 was a successful and productive year.

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Air Pollutants

ACT 101: Are All Air Pollutants the Same?

February 6, 2020Greenhouse gas emissions are often considered interchangeable with air pollutants. Both interact in the air, but in distinctly different ways.

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