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Rivian’s Amazon electric delivery van still on track as factory reopens

May 28, 2020Rivian,  the electric vehicle company backed by Amazon,  Cox Automotive and Ford, has resumed work at its factory in Normal, Ill. following a temporary shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Oregon DEQ releases timeline for Clean Fuels Program expansion

May 28, 2020The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality on May 18 announced it has submitted detailed information to Gov. Kate Brown on how it plans to carry out her March 10 executive order that set a new goal for greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction.

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World’s biggest green H2 production plant will fuel stations in California

May 27, 2020The global energy company SGH2 is bringing the world’s largest green hydrogen production facility to Lancaster, California.

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Amazon is serious about self-driving technology, eyeing multi-billion dollar acquisition

May 27, 2020Amazon is in talks to acquire automated vehicle startup Zoox. Zoox was founded to develop software and hardware needed to create an ecosystem of electric-powered self-driving taxis, which users can call on via a smartphone application.

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The Sweet Spot for Natural Gas Trucks

May 26, 2020Fleets using natural gas experience a sweet spot with miles driven, maintenance practices, and gas stability

New Jersey energy group commits to sustainability with NGV initiatives

May 21, 2020South Jersey Industries (SJI) announced the formation of its Clean Energy and Sustainability team, responsible for the development, execution and oversight of all environmentally-friendly initiatives for the organization. These initiatives include:

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Trucking’s road to zero emissions

May 21, 2020Until zero-emissions vehicles are more attainable, adding propane and CNG trucks can help reduce a fleet’s carbon footprint.

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Greenpower EV Star CC

GreenPower Launches EV Star CC for Cargo & Delivery Market

May 19, 2020GreenPower Motor Company Inc. announced the launch of its new EV Star CC Model. The EV Star CC is a purpose built, battery-electric, multi-utility cab and chassis that can be used by cargo and delivery companies that wish to use their body design while transitioning to a zero emissions fleet.

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Offset the cost of EVs with the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)

May 18, 2020Fleets can offset the cost of EVs with the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS)

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SAE, others seeking common naming for ADAS functionality in vehicles

May 18, 2020SAE International is endorsing an effort to better inform drivers on aspects of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in current and future vehicles.

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Filling station offering 100% bio-CNG opens in the south of New Jersey

May 15, 2020South Jersey Gas announced the opening of its new CNG fueling station in Cape May County. The station is open to the public and exclusively offers renewable natural gas.

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Electric Trucks Image

Electric Trucks Present a COVID-19 Opportunity

May 14, 2020Battery electric trucks may see that one major result of the COVID-19 pandemic is the speed up of their product development.

North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE)

RNG Fueled Truck

RNG as Transportation Fuel On-Road Volume Grows to 39%

May 7, 2020RNG as a vehicle fuel is on the rise, and takes environmental benefits to a high level of performance, helping to tackle climate change.

Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGVAmerica)

The system is designed to operate in a variety of vehicles such as vans.

Lightning Systems Developed Mobile Electric Charging System

May 5, 2020Lightning Systems designed a mobile electric charging system to be installed in its Lightning Electric Transit 350HD cargo van, but it can also be installed in vehicles or trailers.

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Karma Automotive Electric van platform.

Karma Showcases Extended Range E-Flex Platform for Utility Van Applications

May 1, 2020Karma Automotive announced its E-Flex utility van platform with extended range electric vehicle (EREV) architecture.

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Diagram of a hydrogen fuel cell

Global Hydrogen Launches New Fuel Cell Standards Website

April 29, 2020The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association has launched the centralized, global tracker of hydrogen and fuel cell regulations, codes and standards,

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