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PG&E Electric Fleet

Build an Electric Fleet Strategy with PG&E’s New Fleet Planning Tool

Webinar Date: August 26, 2020 at 10:00am PSTJoin ACT News & PG&E on 8/26 at 10am PT for a free webinar on how to use the EV fleet planning tool to visualize cost savings, vehicle incentives, and more.

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ACT Virtual Welcomes Volvo Trucks North America’s President Peter Voorhoeve as Keynote Speaker for Event Launch

August 4, 2020The four-month virtual event will feature a dynamic lineup of more than 130 industry leaders presenting on the technologies driving the future of fleet transportation.

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What Can Autonomy Do for the Middle Mile?

August 4, 2020The path to autonomous travel is a circuitous one. It winds through multiple transportation types — from robotaxis, drones, last-mile, and robot deliveries, to on-demand shuttles and over-the-road trucking.


Green Commuter Adds 100 EV Stars to Fleet

July 30, 2020GreenPower Motor Co. Inc., a designer, manufacturer and distributor of electric-powered vehicles, has received a purchase order of 100 EV Stars from Green Commuter.

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State of Sustainable Fleets Photo

State of Sustainable Fleets Reports on Clean Tech Across Fuels & Sectors

July 29, 2020The State of Sustainable Fleets report is the first technology-neutral industry resource across all fuels and technology sectors.

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XL Hybrid Truck Image

Looking to Accelerate Fleet Electrification After COVID-19? Start with a Hybrid

July 29, 2020Commercial and municipal fleets throughout North America are adopting hybrid electric vehicles in large volumes today, with immediate fuel economy.

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“Advanced Transportation Investor Summit” Announced as Part of ACT Virtual Series

July 21, 2020Join organizers of the largest advanced transportation event—ACT Expo—for a first-of-its-kind “Advanced Transportation Investor Summit,” at ACT Virtual.

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Ryder makes Workhorse electric trucks available for rental

July 21, 2020Ryder announced that customers will be able to lease or short-term rent the C-Series Workhorse all-electric step van, which could be a big first step for fleets seeking to electrify their last-mile assets.

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Kansas City, UPS and Cleaner Fuels

July 16, 2020Kansas City Regional Clean Cities is lending a hand with urban clean fuel projects for UPS in Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska.

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Evaluating the effects of automation on range and battery life

July 15, 2020A team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University used a vehicle dynamics model to evaluate the effects of automated driving on EV range and battery longevity.

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e-propulsion overseen by Ryan Laskey

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Dana is Focused on e-Propulsion and Reducing Their Environmental Impact

July 15, 2020An ACT Virtual Executive Interview with Ryan Laskey to learn how Dana is providing e-propulsion solutions for the vehicles of today and tomorrow.

Ryder gets first two Workhorse electric vans

July 14, 2020Ryder System Inc. took delivery of two Workhorse Group electric delivery vans. Workhorse announced the deal with Ryder on Tuesday. On Monday, Workhorse got the go-ahead from the California Air Resources Board to sell its C-Series zero-emission vans.

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Ryder Offers C-Series All-Electric Step Vans

July 14, 2020Workhorse Group Inc. announced that Ryder System, Inc. will begin offering the C-Series Workhorse all-electric step van through the company’s ChoiceLease and SelectCare product lines, as well as for short-term rentals on COOP by Ryder.


C-650 Electric Step Van

CARB Certifies Workhorse C-Series Electric Delivery Truck

July 13, 2020Workhorse Group announced that its C-Series all-electric delivery trucks have received certification from the California Air Resources Board as zero-emission vehicles in the state of California. The executive order also designates Workhorse as first and only medium-duty battery electric vehicle OEM to receive approvals from both the Environmental Protection Agency as well as CARB.

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Jay Leno Checks out the First Model from EV Startup Canoo

July 9, 2020Canoo’s self-named electric car seats up to seven adults in a pod-like body design to maximize interior space while minimizing footprint. The initial version will have 300 horsepower and a range of 250 miles, made possibly via a single electric motor driving the rear wheels and an 80-kilowatt-hour battery pack.

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Executive Interview with Craig Harper

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: J.B. Hunt is on a Mission to Create the Most Efficient Transportation Network in North America

July 6, 2020An ACT Virtual Executive Interview with Craig Harper to hear how J.B. Hunt is dedicated to creating a sustainable, innovative supply chain.