JB Hunt President: Misalignment Between Tech, Policies and Economics

May 24, 2024For the industry to reach its overarching goal of reducing transportation-related emissions, something needs to change according to Shelley Simpson, president of J.B. Hunt Transport Services.

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Ryder CEO: EV Tech Needs Inflection Point to Work in Commercial Transport

May 23, 2024During his keynote address at this year’s ACT Expo in Las Vegas, Sanchez did not pull any punches on how he sees electric trucks fitting into his fleet.

ACT Expo

OEM Panel Takes Deep Dive into Electric Truck Market

May 21, 2024Attendees of this year’s ACT Expo were on hand for another historic main stage session, as the leaders of the five major commercial truck OEMs met for the CEO Roundtable on Scaling Vehicle Electrification.

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Tesla’s Semi Leader Takes Center Stage at ACT Expo

May 20, 2024Tesla's Dan Priestley shared an update on the Semi and shed some light on the company's next steps for this enigmatic electric truck.

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Volvo Trucks’ Alm Maps Out Strategies to Meet Net Zero Carbon at ACT Expo

May 20, 2024Volvo Trucks President Roger Alm laid out a plan for the OEM, and the industry at large, to accelerate the decarbonization of the transportation sector.

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Volt Vault

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Expedite Your EV Adoption with Volt Vault

May 15, 2024Using RNG to generate electricity onsite and on demand, Volt Vault allows fleets to take back control of their EV roadmap.

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