Hydrogen pump to dispense the fuel

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How Proper Fittings Can Improve the Performance of Hydrogen Fuel Systems

January 19, 2022As research into hydrogen fuel cell vehicles intensifies, it is critical to acknowledge the challenge of developing safe, reliable fuel cells and how new fitting options offer specific design characteristics that make them ideal for hydrogen applications.

Learn About the Largest Class 8 EV Deployment in North America

January 17, 2022The Joint Electric Truck Scaling Initiative, or JETSI, is a ground-breaking project that will deploy 100 battery-electric regional haul and drayage trucks across California.

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Regulations in the clean fleet landscape

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Navigating Regulations in the Clean Fleet Landscape

January 14, 2022In the world of transportation and logistics, new regulations will affect fleets, vehicle manufacturers, and warehouse operators.

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Successfully Transitioning Your Fleet to Electrification

January 6, 2022As the industry begins a technological shift towards vehicle electrification, some experts are predicting that by 2030 the number of new electrified vehicles sales in the medium-duty segment could be as high as 50%.

Nominate Your Green Fleet, Partner for the 2022 ACT Expo Fleet Awards

January 6, 2022ACT Expo and PERC are once again opening nominations for the prestigious ACT Expo Fleet Awards, to be presented at ACT Expo 2022, May 9 - 12.

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Policy 360 Rewind: How 2021 Sets the Stage for ZEV Policy in 2022

December 21, 2021Throughout 2021, many states adopted policies to require the sales or purchase of passenger and commercial zero-emission vehicles.

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