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State Of Sustainable Fleets: 2024 Market Brief

Now in its fifth year, the State of Sustainable Fleets 2024 Market Brief sheds light on an industry meeting the moment of an active transition. A slew of new emissions regulations that were adopted in the past two years combined with the growing pains of new technology spotlight a period of peak complexity for fleet operators....

State Of Sustainable Fleets: 2023 Market Brief

The 2023 Market Brief illustrates much more about the future, one where new diesel engine development programs are moving towards sunsetting, and zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) will be the “law of the land” in states representing around half of the U.S. economy. The past 18 months have laid the roadmap for a zero-emission (ZE) future in...


2021 Feasibility Assessment for Drayage Trucks

This 2021 Feasibility Assessment for Drayage Trucks follows on and updates the initial Assessment performed in 2018. As with the 2018 version, this 2021 Assessment is intended to evaluate the current state of zero-emission and low-emission fuel technology platforms suitable for drayage-capable Class 8 trucks, including infrastructure readiness to fuel and service them.

DC Fast Charger Streamlined Permitting Guidebook

One of the barriers noted for the growth of EVs has been the relatively slow charging capability of the existing charging infrastructure. Recently, a much more rapid method has been developed, called Direct Current Fast Charging.

State of Sustainable Fleets

State Of Sustainable Fleets: 2022 Market Brief

The 2022 Market Brief covers the major clean transportation trends and key takeaways of 2021– a year where the petroleum-dependent transportation era started its decline, and there is no going back.

State of Sustainable Fleets

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State Of Sustainable Fleets 2021: Market and Trends Brief

The 2021 Market and Trends Brief provides insight into the significant trends and developments that occurred over the course of 2020 — a landmark year for the clean fleet industry.