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Glenfiddich Powers Biogas Delivery Trucks With its Own Whisky Waste

July 28, 2021Scotch whisky maker Glenfiddich announced that it is converting its delivery trucks to run on biomethane made from waste products from its own whisky distilling process.

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Running on 100% Biodiesel? Yeah, That’s Happening

July 8, 2021Biodiesel has been used by North American truck fleets for more than two decades, so most commercial fleets know what it is and that it is typically blended with petroleum diesel. For example, B20 is a fuel that’s 20% biodiesel and 80% petroleum diesel.

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Coming Soon to an Airport Near You: Sustainable Aviation Fuel Certificates

July 7, 2021A new certificate announced last week eventually will allow air travelers to purchase emissions reductions on their flight through the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) — fuel made from biogenic feedstocks such as waste cooking oil, agricultural residues and municipal waste.

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Realizing Greater Efficiency and Emissions Reduction in Commercial Applications

Realizing Greater Efficiency and Emissions Reductions in Commercial Applications

Webinar Date: August 3, 2021 at 10:00am PSTGain access to fleet case studies on alternative low carbon fuels and discover the latest sustainability innovations from technology manufacturers and fuel providers.

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Brightmark Unveils Three Renewable Natural Gas Projects in Michigan

July 6, 2021Brightmark broke ground on three new renewable natural gas projects in Michigan. The initiatives are owned by and will be operated through subsidiaries of Brightmark RNG Holdings LLC, a partnership with Chevron U.S.A. Inc

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Scania, FlixBus Unveil First Long-Distance Coach Fueled by Biomethan

July 1, 2021Scania, mobility provider FlixBus, and Gasum have partnered to launch the first international coach running on biomethane.

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Natual Gas Truck Driving on a Road

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Recent Growth, Adoption Shows Natural Gas Vehicles Are a Proven, Cost-Effective Option

June 29, 2021Real-world fleets agree: natural gas delivers benefits unmatched by diesel and not yet available at scale from zero-emission technologies.

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Oil Refiners Win at Supreme Court With Easier Waivers on Biofuel

June 25, 2021The Environmental Protection Agency has wide latitude to exempt refineries from federal mandates that they mix renewable fuels into gasoline and diesel, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled June 25, a victory for oil companies seeking a break from the requirements.

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Renewable Gas 360 Image Representing Renewable Molecules

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Renewable Gas 360 Webinar Series Highlights Renewable Molecules

June 24, 2021Renewable Gas 360, an educational webinar series, provides important information on organic and renewable feedstocks for energy production.

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$12M Biogas Cleanup and Compression Unit Producing 100% Vehicle Fuel to Enter Service This Year

May 24, 2021Aemetis, Inc., a renewable natural gas and renewable fuels company focused on negative carbon intensity products, announced that its Aemetis Biogas subsidiary reached a significant milestone by starting construction of the dairy biogas cleanup and compression unit for the Aemetis Biogas Central Dairy Digester Project.

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Renewable Diesel, Biodiesel Cut GHG Emissions in California

May 18, 2021Renewable diesel and biodiesel are playing a major role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector in California, according to newly released data from the California Air Resources Board on California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program.  

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Using Public-Private Partnerships to Convert Municipal Waste into Renewable Energy (Gases)

Watch this Renewable Gas 360 webinar recording to learn how organic waste can be used for renewable gas generation.

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US Government Wants To Discuss BioFuels With Airlines

May 5, 2021According to Reuters, a US House panel met with biofuel and airline industry representatives recently to discuss more sustainable aviation fuel or biofuels.

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State of Sustainable Fleets 2021 Launch Event

Attend the State of Sustainable Fleets 2021 Launch event on May 26 at 8:30 am PT to learn about what the latest fleet data tells us about our new clean fleet reality.

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Europe Reaches New Milestone on Natural Gas Refueling Infrastructure

May 3, 2021In 2020, out of all NGV stations, more than 25% were already delivering biomethane to European consumers. This amounts to a 17% average of all gas which is used as a transport fuel, and which continues to grow daily.

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Ingevity Invests in Biomethane, Will Use it in its ANG Vehicle Platform

May 3, 2021Ingevity Corporation announced a strategic partnership with and investment in GreenGasUSA Holdings, an integrated renewable natural gas solutions provider helping customers reduce their environmental impact.

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