ACT Expo 2019: A New Workshop Explores Greening Aviation

March 29, 2019

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The aviation industry plays a significant role in the global economy, providing reliable and timely transport of people and goods around the world. However, the vehicles and equipment that support this massive industry—including ground support equipment, and passenger transport shuttles—are a large source of metropolitan emissions, impacting air quality, noise levels, and public health.

In response, the 2019 Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo is adding a new workshop to its agenda this year exploring incentives, technologies, and policies that are spurring a ‘greening’ of the aviation industry.

With 33% of airline operating costs going to fuel, switching to domestically produced alternative fuels has the potential to significantly lower and stabilize a significant ongoing expenditure. But like any business, reliability of the vehicle technology is paramount, and ensuring that the equipment you replace is just as effective as a traditionally fueled vehicle is essential.

Attendees of the Greening Aviation workshop on Friday, April 26, presented by Neste Renewable Jet Fuel, will hear from a diverse lineup of speakers, including leaders from United Airlines, FedEx, Los Angeles World Airports, Neste, the California Air Resources Board, the National Air Transportation Association, Neste, Rocky Mountain Institute, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, and Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The workshop includes three panels covering various aspects of the aviation industry:

Funding and Regulatory Drivers
Join a discussion on the top funding and regulatory drivers that are pushing airport operators to reduce emissions and purchase more advanced vehicle and energy technology.

Sustainability Takes Flight with Leading Airlines
Hear from some of the leading airlines that are charting a path toward sustainability in aircraft via sustainable aviation jet fuel demonstrations, as well as through ground support equipment.

From the Ground Up – Holistic Emissions Reductions at Airports
Several airports have taken steps to curtail the noise, traffic, and emissions from air travel, even incorporating holistic visions for reducing emissions at the facility-wide level as well. Discover their path toward sustainability and the barriers they overcame.

To learn more, view the ACT Expo agenda. To participate in the Greening Aviation workshop, simply add the event when registering for ACT Expo.