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Image: Volvo Group

Volvo Sees Three Paths to Decarbonize Trucking

May 12, 2021When it comes to how best to decarbonize truck transportation, Volvo Group Chief Technology Officer Lars Stenqvist said, “Sometimes I have a feeling this debate gets too polarized.”

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Image: Bramble Energy

MAHLE Powertrain developing demonstrator vehicle for Bramble Energy PCBFC fuel cell technology

May 11, 2021MAHLE Powertrain is developing the first demonstrator vehicle for a novel new hydrogen fuel cell technology.

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Hydrogen bonds

Image: FCHEA

Hydrogen Bridging the Political Divide

May 11, 2021FCHEA launches new campaign, “Hydrogen is the energy solution that doesn’t fuel the divide,” to educate policy makers and key stakeholders.

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Port Shipping

Image: Brink

Port cities are key to reducing maritime carbon emissions

May 10, 2021Port cities offer a vital — and overlooked — way to help decarbonize the global economy. The maritime sector has been seen as a laggard in decarbonizing, but port cities are perfectly positioned to help catalyze a reduction in shipping emissions

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Image: Hexagon Agility

Hexagon Purus supplies H2 cylinders for Nikola’s zero emission trucks

May 6, 2021Hexagon Purus has signed a long-term agreement with Nikola Corporation to develop and supply its high-performance type 4 hydrogen cylinders. The scope of the agreement is over a multi-year period with an estimated sales value in excess of EUR 200 million.

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State of Sustainable Fleets 2021 Launch Event

Webinar Date: May 26, 2021 at 8:30am PSTAttend the State of Sustainable Fleets 2021 Launch event on May 26 at 8:30 am PT to learn about what the latest fleet data tells us about our new clean fleet reality.

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These 2 companies want to make transitioning to zero-emission fleets easy

May 4, 2021Electric truck specialist Tevva has announced a new partnership with European energy giant Vattenfall designed to make it easier for businesses to switch to a zero-emission vehicle fleet and curb their transport-related emissions.

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Image: BAE Systems

BAE, Plug Power to Collaborate on Hydrogen-Powered Solutions for Electric Buses

May 3, 2021BAE Systems Inc. is collaborating with Plug Power, a supplier of hydrogen engines and fueling systems, to offer hydrogen-based electric propulsion systems for transit bus fleets.

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Image: Global Bus Ventures

Auckland Transport begins 2-year trial of hydrogen bus

May 3, 2021Auckland Transport is beginning a 2-year trial of a 3-axle hydrogen fuel cell bus.The trial will assess operational performance how operating costs compare to diesel and electric buses of similar configurations.

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Image: Ballard Power Systems

Ballard, Linamar Partnering on Light-Duty Fuel Cell Solutions

May 3, 2021Ballard Power Systems and Linamar Corp have formed a strategic alliance for the co-development and sale of fuel cell powertrains and components for Class 1 and 2 vehicles, weighing up to 5-tons, initially in North America and Europe.

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Renewable Gas 360 Webinar 9

Harnessing Renewable Hydrogen for Long Term Energy Storage

Watch this Renewable Gas 360 webinar recording to hear researchers from Caltech discuss potential methods integrating renewable hydrogen into the design of storage for low-cost energy over long periods of time.

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Image: Daimler AG

cellcentric Joint Venture Looks to Accerelate Adoption of Long-Haul Hydrogen

April 29, 2021Daimler Truck AG and Volvo Group have unveiled plans for a new fuel cell joint venture  – cellcentric – as part of an industry-first commitment to accelerate the use of hydrogen-based fuel cells for long-haul trucks.

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Raven SR H2 Production

Image: Raven SR

Raven SR & Hyzon Motors to Build Up to 100 Waste-to-Hydrogen Hubs

April 28, 2021Raven SR, a renewable fuels company, and Hyzon Motors Inc., a global supplier of hydrogen fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles, announced a joint venture to build up to 100 hydrogen hubs across the United States and globally.

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Image: Green Car Congress

Tevva and Vattenfall collaborate to develop zero-emission transport solution; electric with hydrogen range extender

April 26, 2021Electric truck company Tevva and Vattenfall signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore the opportunity to provide a complete zero-emission transport solution for businesses looking to reduce the overall carbon impact of their operations.

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TravelCenters of America to Add Hydrogen Fueling Sites for Big Rigs

April 23, 2021Truck-stop operator TravelCenters of America Inc. is stepping up its alternative-energy game as tougher regulations push the commercial transport sector to look beyond diesel fuel.

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Image: Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota developing hydrogen combustion engine technologies through motorsports

April 23, 2021Toyota Motor Corporation is developing a hydrogen combustion engine in an effort to move toward a carbon-neutral mobility society.

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