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Opinion: Our School Buses Are Making the Grade

February 12, 2024With all its routes handled by propane school buses, Indian River County School District continues to see the benefits of this low-emission fuel when transporting its 6,000 students to the district's 26 schools on 77 bus routes.

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Announcing ACT Shipper-Carrier Connect, an Inaugural Event on Freight Sustainability and Partnerships

February 7, 2024ACT Expo is excited to announce the inaugural ACT Shipper-Carrier Connect event, taking place May 22-23, 2024, in Las Vegas, Nevada, co-located with ACT Expo, to unite shippers, carriers, and logistics providers to shape the future of sustainable freight.


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The Rise of Renewable Propane

February 5, 2024With ultra-low carbon emissions, renewable propane is poised to drastically reduce emissions in the transportation sector.

Propane Education & Research Council (PERC)

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Investing in Tomorrow: The Role of Public Charging Infrastructure in California’s Clean Energy Future

February 2, 2024With regulations such as ACF pushing fleets to electrify their operations at an increasing rate through 2035, California needs to overcome multiple significant barriers to make this vision a reality.


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Who’s Still In Autonomous Trucking?

February 26, 2024The crowded field of developers in the autonomous truck space has winnowed during the past year. Those that remain continue to lay the foundation for large-scale industry adoption.

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Why Propane Autogas Made Sense for this USPS Contractor

February 26, 2024The company recognized the importance of reducing its carbon footprint, but it needed a solution that wouldn’t burden the company with infrastructure constraints or costly maintenance.

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EV Diagnostics: A Critical Part of Electric Vehicle Management

February 21, 2024Multiple fleets attest to the importance of remote diagnostics when it comes to EVs.

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Clean Bus Planning Awards Promote Electrification of Fleets with Transition Plans

February 21, 2024The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has launched the $5 million Clean Bus Planning Awards (CBPA) program, which is funded by the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation.

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World EV Day

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Minnesota Report Cautions Against Rush to EV Transition

February 20, 2024State lawmakers rushing to jump on the battery-electric vehicle bandwagon for longhaul and shorthaul regional trucks will create a web of interconnected operational roadblocks and impeded efficient delivery of goods, and cause higher consumer costs, according to a new report.

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Plus Unveils Open Platform Autonomous Control System

February 20, 2024Plus said its new Open Platform for Autonomy system will make it easier for fleets to transition to self-driving trucks.

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California Bill Seeks to Make it Easier to Deploy Curbside Charging

February 19, 2024California Assemblymember Kevin McCarty introduced Assembly Bill 2427, the Equitable EV Charging Act to increase access to EV charging for residents of multi-family housing by making it easier to deploy curbside charging.

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Ex-VW Chief Sticks to Story on 2015 Diesel Testing Scandal

February 19, 2024On Feb. 14, the ex-VW head broke his silence in a court in the town of Braunschweig, speaking in public for the first time since 2017 about his role in one of the biggest corporate scandals in German history.

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California Expanding Fleet of Hydrogen Passenger Trains

February 15, 2024The California Department of Transportation announced on Feb. 14 a $127 million agreement with Stadler Rail AG to expand its fleet of zero-emission, hydrogen-powered passenger trains.

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California Energy Commission Approves Latest EV Charging Infrastructure Assessment

February 15, 2024The California Energy Commission approved the second Assembly Bill 2127 Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Assessment. Pursuant to AB 2127, the California Energy Commission is required to publish a biennial report on the charging infrastructure needed for California to meet its zero-emission vehicle targets by 2030.

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The Domino Effect of Transport Sector Decarbonization

February 14, 2024Cross-industry collaboration and innovation can put global decarbonization on the fast track.

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DTNA Delivers First Electric Freightliner eCascadias to Goodwill Industries

February 14, 2024The battery-electric eCascadias will further help the nonprofit achieve its sustainability goals by reducing its environmental footprint.

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California Ports Deploying Air Pollution Capture for Ships

February 13, 2024Maritime shipping isn’t just a major source of carbon dioxide emissions, the industry is also responsible for air pollution that can harm the health of those living near ports.

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Nikola Rejects Board Nominees Tied to Disgraced Founder Trevor Milton

February 13, 2024Trevor Milton, the disgraced founder of zero-emission truck maker Nikola Corp., apparently is trying to regain influence at the company by backing board nominees — nominees that Nikola’s current board of directors rejects as lacking relevant experience.

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Rising Capital Costs Thwarts Clean Energy in Emerging Economies

February 12, 2024Many emerging market and developing economies are missing out on clean energy investment as the high cost of capital for new projects is deterring developers, particularly for some of the world’s poorest countries, a new International Energy Agency report finds.

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2024 U.S. Power Sector Outlook

February 12, 2024The U.S. clean energy transition is expected to accelerate in 2024 but faces question around transmission, financing, federal elections and other issues.

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