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EPA Forces Natural Gas Plants to Make Pollution Data Public

November 24, 2021Under a new rule, natural gas processing plants will have to report emissions to EPA’s Toxics Release Inventory, which is intended to let communities know the types of hazardous pollutants that nearby businesses are discharging.

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New England Governors Abandon Pact to Reduce Transportation Pollution

November 24, 2021Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker is abandoning his administration’s ambitious plan to create a multistate compact aimed at dramatically reducing transportation pollution after the deal failed to gain traction in other states.

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Lordstown Motors Poised for Tax Exemptions Under Ohio Bill

November 22, 2021The Ohio House passed a bipartisan bill that would give Lordstown Motors a four-year sales tax exemption on engines, transmissions, batteries, brakes and other components that are unique to the production of electric vehicles.

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COP26 Calls for Net Zero by 2050

November 18, 2021The Glasgow Climate Pact was recently reached at the COP26 summit, setting the global agenda on climate change for the next decade.

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Oregon Adopts Clean Trucks Rules; Other States May Follow

November 18, 2021New rules in Oregon will accelerate the electrification of school buses, package delivery vans, waste haulers, and commercial tractors.

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Conference of Mayors Reports EVs as Priorities for City Energy and Climate Efforts

November 16, 2021The United States Conference of Mayors has released a new report showing how cities are using energy technologies and infrastructure upgrades to advance local energy and climate goals, helping the U.S. make further progress in addressing its growing energy and climate challenges.

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President Biden plans to fund clean transportation.

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Biden Could Revisit Renewable Fuel Mandate for Price Relief

November 16, 2021As U.S. President Joe Biden weighs alternatives to lower fuel prices, one move that could bring immediate relief at the pumps is sparking debate: adjusting the Bush-era renewable fuel mandate.

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New Legislation Funds Major Deployment of Zero and Low-Emissions School Buses

November 16, 2021The newly passed Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal will deliver more emissions-reducing electric, propane and compressed natural gas school buses to American school districts in rural, suburban and urban communities.

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How One Word on Coal Threatened to Topple COP26

November 15, 2021The biggest climate conference of the year appeared all but finished Saturday night as delegates here who had hardly slept for days goaded one another to accept the final agreement, warts and all.

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Appellate Court Strikes Down Rule Requiring Fuel-Saving Trailer Technologies

November 15, 2021A divided federal appeals court has thrown out portions of the 2016 Phase 2 greenhouse gas emissions rule that would have required heavy- and medium-duty trailers for the first time ever to adopt some combination of fuel-saving technologies.

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APG asks President Biden to Support Use of RNG in Trucks

November 2, 2021American Power Group Corporation (APG) announced that Chairman Matthew Van Steenwyk and CEO Charles Coppa sent a letter to President Biden urging the Biden Administration to make use of renewable natural gas for heavy-duty truck fleets in its efforts to combat the climate crisis

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EPA Has ‘No Finer Partner’ Than Trucking, Administrator Says

November 1, 2021“It’s time for EPA to step back into the void and look at a 50-state solution,” agency chief Michael Regan says, referring to various states developing their own emissions regulations as the Trump administration “abdicated” its regulatory duties.

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EV Plan Runs Afoul of USMCA, Canada Parts Chief Warns

November 1, 2021President Joe Biden’s proposed incentives for U.S. electric-car buyers could be challenged under the North American trade pact, a Canadian auto industry leader warned.

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Report: Emissions Benefits from 12 States, D.C. Adopting California MD/HD Vehicle Regs

November 1, 2021An International Council on Clean Transportation report estimates the cumulative avoided nitrogen oxides, fine particulate matter, and well-to-wheel carbon dioxide equivalent emission reductions beginning in 2025 if 12 states plus the District of Columbia adopt California’s Advanced Clean Trucks rule, HDV Omnibus rule, and enforcement of CA GHG Phase II Trailer standards.

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Corporate Leaders Rally Around Decarbonization Pathways for High-Emitting Industries

November 1, 2021In the approach to COP26, a new set of decarbonization plans for steel, aviation, and shipping shows how these high-emitting industries can cut emissions in the next decade en route to net zero.

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Under Biden, Buttigieg and Baker Advance Energy and Equity

October 29, 2021President Joe Biden has assembled a dream team of experts, including longtime activists, to journey toward low-carbon infrastructure policy that explicitly addresses the human element.

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