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Image: Cyclum

Cyclum to Construct Network of Renewable Fuel Truck Stops

January 12, 2022Cyclum Renewables has plans to construct a national network of renewable fuel truck stops powered by renewable natural gas.

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Image: Shell

Eaton, Shell Step Up EV Charging Infrastructure Efforts

January 7, 2022Eaton Corp. and Shell Electric Mobility separately announced charging initiatives intended to accelerate the market for zero-emission electric trucks.

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Image: Stem

Stem, ENGIE North America Partner to Integrate Storage Management and EV Charging Platform

January 6, 2022Stem’s partnership with ENGIE reflects the growing interest from commercial and industrial customers to not just install solar generation and energy storage, but also integrate EV fleet charging.

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Image: Traton Group

Three Truck Makers Align to Bring EV Charging Network to Europe

December 24, 2021Commercial vehicle manufacturers Daimler Truck, Traton Group and Volvo Group announced they signed a binding agreement to create a joint venture to install and operate a high-performance public charging network for battery-electric, heavy-duty longhaul trucks and coaches across Europe.

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Image: Paul Brennan via Pixabay

Charging Strategies Crucial to Deploying Electric Fleet Vehicles

December 22, 2021Most fleets will need some directed combination of charging — at work facilities, at employee homes, and/or at public access points.

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It’s Time to Address a Big Issue with EV Charging: Reliability

December 14, 2021Getting more EV charging stations into the ground will help provide U.S. drivers greater reassurance that they can find a charging station and fully transition to electric vehicles.

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ACT Expo 2022 Opens Registration

December 14, 2021ACT Expo, North America's largest advanced transportation technology and clean fleet event, returns to the Long Beach Convention Center May 9-12, 2022.

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White House Unveils Plan for EV Charging Network

December 14, 2021The Biden administration on Dec. 13 released a federal strategy to build 500,000 charging stations for electric vehicles across the country and bring down the cost of electric cars with the goal of transforming the U.S. auto industry.

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ACT News 2021 Round-Up: A Year of Innovative, Informative Webinars

December 9, 2021The ACT News team offered several online educational opportunities to help answer the questions surrounding clean transportation technologies.

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State DOTs Explore Roadway Charging to Support Electric-Powered Vehicles

December 1, 2021Magnetic concrete that charges electric vehicles as they drive over it could be coming to an Indiana roadway in the next few years.

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Image: Trillium

Innovative Cities Funding New Clean Fuel Stations 

November 22, 2021In Illinois, city fleets are looking at varied solutions to enhance their sustainability initiatives while maintaining an efficient delivery of city services and mobility.

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Infrastructure Deal Will Expand Clean Tech Adoption in the Years to Come

November 22, 2021The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has become a funding reality, with billions of dollars now allocated towards alternative fuel transportation technologies, among a myriad of other projects.

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California Hydrogen Leadership Summit Sets Sights on Policy Action

November 19, 2021The Summit will connect policymakers with experts and stakeholders from California’s backbone industries to explore the issues and develop policy action in 2022.

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Image: Clean Energy

Amazon Order Drives Renewable Natural Gas Development

November 16, 2021Clean Energy Fuels Corp. and BP announced that their renewable natural gas joint venture will build on previously announced plans to finance and develop new projects at dairy farms, starting in the Midwest.

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Image: Power Edison

Power Edison, Hugo Neu Realty Develop Large EV Charging Site in Metro New York

November 15, 2021Power Edison, a developer and provider of utility-scale mobile energy storage solutions, is partnering with Hugo Neu Realty Management of New Jersey – and other stakeholders – to deploy a large electric vehicle (EV) charging hub.

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Image: Daimler AG

Daimler Truck, TotalEnergies Partner to Develop Hydrogen Ecosystem

November 11, 2021Daimler Truck AG and TotalEnergies signed an agreement on their joint commitment to the de-carbonization of the road freight in the European Union.

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