Carbon-Negative Trucking: The Roadmap to a Transportation Revolution

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Today, large truck fleets are faced with the choice of operational disruption, performance degradation, high cost and long wait times for low-carbon alternatives. At the same time, the diesel market is only growing, and CO2 emissions are still climbing with 36.8 billion metric tons of carbon produced in 2023 (NOAA). Yet, diesel fuel alternatives are experiencing viability, availability, and scalability challenges.  

Heavy-duty fleets deserve more than bolt-on, intermediate technologies that lack scalability. They deserve proven solutions backed by industry expertise and technological innovation. Hear experts discuss how to access low-cost and low carbon-per-mile alternatives that make use of your existing fleet investments and maintain the power of a diesel engine.

Watch this 1-hour webinar to hear about: 

  • How to extinguish your Class 8 carbon footprint with a minor diesel engine modification that yields diesel-free fleets and a safer, more sustainable and cost-effective supply chain.
  • Proven, differentiated, and easily scalable technology to help produce carbon-negative emissions.
  • How ClearFlame and its partner, Verity Carbon Solutions, are tracking fuel lifecycle carbon footprint, ensuring easy reporting and validation.

BJ Johnson

CEO & Co-Founder

ClearFlame Engine Technologies

Ron Zink


Verity Carbon Solutions

Daryl Knight

Chief Commercial Officer