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Renewable Propane Conference

WPGA Announces Featured Speakers for Nation’s First Renewable Propane Conference

October 16, 2020Join WPGA at the Path to Renewable Propane virtual conference, which will address the next evolution of industry to deliver on decarbonization targets in the transportation and building sectors.

Western Propane Gas Association

Freight companies exhibit near-zero NGVs in Port of Long Beach parade

October 6, 2020Southern California trucking companies have proudly showcased their near-zero-emission (NZE) natural gas vehicles in a clean truck parade to commemorate the opening of the new Port of Long Beach bridge.

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U-Haul Purchases First Million Gallons of Renewable Propane

October 6, 2020U-Haul has unveiled its latest green initiative with the purchase of its first million gallons of renewable propane, which is available to customers at U-Haul autogas facilities across Southern California.

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The propane-powered alternative

October 6, 2020There are now tens of thousands of propane autogas-powered commercial vehicles on the roads in North America, completing tasks such as delivering baked goods or bottled water, dropping off packages, and transporting students to school.

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Renewable Propane Conference

WPGA Hosts Nation’s First Renewable Propane Conference

October 1, 2020On November 4th, WPGA will virtually host the Path to Renewable Propane conference, the first event of its kind in the U.S. uniquely focused on propane derived from sustainable sources.

Western Propane Gas Association

VW Settlement: Potential Funding Landscape for Propane Autogas Looks Promising

September 24, 2020Within the school bus sector, propane autogas leads in vehicle deployments under the Environmental Mitigation Trust. Over $18 million awarded has gone toward the deployment of more than 500 propane autogas school buses.

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Environmental policy image of wind turbines

ACT 101: Overview of U.S. Environmental Policy

September 22, 2020Environmental policy in the U.S. has responded to the topic of climate change and the business environment for transportation.

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PERC releases online resource highlighting maintenance advantages of propane autogas

September 21, 2020To highlight the ease of propane autogas vehicle maintenance, the Propane Education & Research Council released an online resource for fleet owners interested in lowering their maintenance costs and downtime.

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School Buses Fueled with Propane Autogas

Propane Autogas School Bus Success Translates to Commercial Fleets

September 15, 2020School bus fleets are successfully transitioning to propane autogas, which shows this energy source can also be used in commercial fleets.

Propane Education & Research Council (PERC)

Washington County Schools Adds Propane Buses to Fleet

September 3, 2020Washington County Schools (WCS) has celebrated the addition of five new propane-powered school buses to its fleet through a ribbon-cutting and “big check” presentation event.

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Sustainability Key Motivator for Early Fleet Adopters of Clean Vehicle Technologies

August 12, 2020While diesel and gasoline engines will still be the main power source for commercial vehicles for the next decade, fleets are now testing and buying sustainable vehicle technologies in record numbers.

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State of Sustainable Fleets Image of Report Cover

State of Sustainable Fleets Report Provides Fleet Insights on Clean Tech

August 11, 2020The State of Sustainable Fleets report is the first comprehensive, technology-neutral industry resource across all fuels and technology sectors.

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ACT Virtual Peter V

ACT Virtual Welcomes Volvo Trucks North America’s President Peter Voorhoeve as Keynote Speaker for Event Launch

August 4, 2020The four-month virtual event will feature a dynamic lineup of more than 130 industry leaders presenting on the technologies driving the future of fleet transportation.

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State of Sustainable Fleets Photo

State of Sustainable Fleets Reports on Clean Tech Across Fuels & Sectors

July 29, 2020The State of Sustainable Fleets report is the first technology-neutral industry resource across all fuels and technology sectors.

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Advanced Transportation Investor Summit Image

“Advanced Transportation Investor Summit” Announced as Part of ACT Virtual Series

July 21, 2020Join organizers of the largest advanced transportation event—ACT Expo—for a first-of-its-kind “Advanced Transportation Investor Summit,” at ACT Virtual.

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CEC Central Valley

An Update on Regulations and Funding Programs for Central Valley Fleets

Watch this webinar recording from Valley Fleet Support & ACT News discussing new grants and fleet projects in the Central Valley.

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