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DERs represented by solar panels

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DERs: Solar, Battery Storage Could Reduce Fleet Electrification Costs

April 12, 2021Distributed energy resources, or DERs, such as on-site solar panels and battery energy storage systems, help cut the costs of EV charging.

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ACT Virtual Peter V

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ACT Virtual Welcomes Volvo Trucks North America’s President Peter Voorhoeve as Keynote Speaker for Event Launch

August 4, 2020The four-month virtual event will feature a dynamic lineup of more than 130 industry leaders presenting on the technologies driving the future of fleet transportation.

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e-propulsion overseen by Ryan Laskey

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Dana is Focused on e-Propulsion and Reducing Their Environmental Impact

July 15, 2020An ACT Virtual Executive Interview with Ryan Laskey to learn how Dana is providing e-propulsion solutions for the vehicles of today and tomorrow.

How Should California Wind Down Its Fossil Fuel Industry?

June 1, 2020California is the seventh-largest oil-producing state. However, clean energy is the state’s future. By law, California must have 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2045, and an executive order signed by former Governor Jerry Brown calls for economywide carbon-neutrality by the same year.

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Big Oil’s transition to cleaner tech a reason for optimism

May 29, 2020Knowing that fossil fuels are a finite resource that also create the greenhouse gases alleged to be warming the planet, many major oil producers have now dug into more renewable sustainability innovation.

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Landscape view of the Port of Long Beach

California Ports Turn to Microgrids for Energy Security, Demand Flexibility

March 10, 2020In response to California’s electrification push, the state’s largest ports, including San Diego, Los Angeles and Long Beach, are turning to microgrids for energy security and demand flexibility.

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Investments Drive Sustainable Transportation Growth

February 27, 2020The ACT Expo Investor Summit, launching this year at ACT Expo, is a first-of-its-kind event to focus on investing in the clean fleet market.

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Port of New York, New Jersey Buys Solar Chargers for Growing Electric Vehicle Fleet

November 27, 2019The New York/New Jersey Port Authority has purchased two of Envision Solar International’s EV Arc 2020 charging units to charge its growing fleet of electric vehicles.

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Will PG&E’s Blackouts Catalyze California’s Microgrids Market?

November 12, 2019Community-scale microgrids are stuck between possibility and execution. Despite their obvious benefits in outage-prone California, hurdles remain.

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Siemens joins 5GW wind and solar plan to make green hydrogen

October 28, 2019Siemens will be a partner in a 5GW wind and solar project in Australia to produce ‘green hydrogen’ for export to Asia.

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Duke Energy Vows to Eliminate Its Carbon Emissions by 2050

September 18, 2019The utility will lean heavily on gas and renewables in the medium term. Beyond 2030, big questions remain.

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Taking a New Look at Sustainability in the South

August 9, 2019Climate change and renewable energy have become an integral part of the conversation in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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Why Long Island Could Become New York’s First Energy Storage Hotspot

July 12, 2019The region stands to benefit from storing renewable power, and $55 million of new incentives could get the market going.

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SoCalGas Partners Develop RNG and Hydrogen Conversion Technology

June 28, 2019SoCalGas, in collaboration with a number of partners, held a public exhibition of projects to help California achieve GHG emission reductions.

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EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Trillium Provides New Paradigm for EV Fleet Charging with PowerUP

June 19, 2019Kim Okafor, electric transportation manager at Trillium, discusses how the company has become a leader in sustainability and offers advice to women interested in the transportation sector.

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Clean Transportation Solutions from ACT Expo 2019

May 15, 2019The innovations and technologies at ACT Expo demonstrated the significant increase in investment in advanced clean technologies and fuels for the commercial fleet sector.

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