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Blue photovoltaic solar panels mounted on building roof

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U.S. Solar Faces New Barriers After Year of ‘Crisis’

August 10, 2022The solar industry’s recent doomsday predictions gave way to unequivocal optimism yesterday after the Democratic climate bill cleared the Senate, even as other obstacles to expansion await the technology.

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Blue photovoltaic solar panels mounted on building roof

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Solar Project to Power 100% of Electrify America’s Charging Network

June 7, 2022Electrify America has entered into a 15-year virtual power purchase agreement with Terra-Gen, a provider of utility-scale renewable energy projects, to build a solar photovoltaic generation project in San Bernardino County, California.

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Image: Change Wind Corp.

The Wind & Solar Tower Provides Zero-Emissions Charging

May 6, 2022Change Wind Corporation introduced the Wind & Solar Tower (WST) to provide pollution-free level-4 DC charging for electric vechicles.

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ACT Expo crowd

ACT Expo Agenda Highlights Accelerating Clean Tech Trends

April 26, 2022ACT Expo 2022 is building upon the excitement from last year's record-breaking event to offer even more cutting-edge insight into the current and future trends surrounding the advanced clean tech industry.   

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Solectrac electric tractor

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Electrifying Tractors: Good for the Community, Good for the Consumer, Good for the Earth

April 13, 2022Electrifying the agricultural sector will help reduce emissions and create a cleaner, healthier community with less need for nationwide infrastructure development.


transit bus with solar panels

Image: Sono Motors

Sono Motors Launches Solar Bus Trailer

April 5, 2022Sono Motors has launched its solar technology to public transport. In partnership with the Munich Transport Company MVG, the solar bus trailer will hit the roads in Munich soon, testing the energy yields as well as the potential of the technology in daily operation.

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Image: Scale Microgrid Solutions

Transit Fleet Gains Support for Transition to Zero-Emission Buses

March 30, 2022A California public transit fleet is saving money, reducing emissions, and increasing their operational resilience with distributed energy resources.

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Blue photovoltaic solar panels mounted on building roof

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Industry Calls Biden Tariff Probe a ‘Disaster’ for Solar

March 29, 2022The Biden administration announced an investigation yesterday on whether to slap import taxes on solar panels and key equipment, angering advocates who said it could stall the industry’s growth enough to thwart climate goals.

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ACT Expo 2022 speakers

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ACT Expo Announces Roster of Leading Industry Speakers

March 28, 2022Executives from leading vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, infrastructure and fuel providers, and public and private fleets will highlight key trends at this year's ACT Expo.

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Image: DHL Express

Solar Panels to Help Charge Batteries on DHL Express Trucks

February 24, 2022International shipping provider DHL Express announced it is installing solar panels on 67 vehicles in its pickup and delivery fleet across the U.S.

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Group of business partner looking for the future

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GNA Welcomes New Partners to Lead Firm’s Future

January 31, 2022GNA, a leading firm for clean transportation consulting, marketing and communications, and event production, recently promoted six of its top division leaders to partners in the firm

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ACT Expo 2022 Opens Registration

December 14, 2021ACT Expo, North America's largest advanced transportation technology and clean fleet event, returns to the Long Beach Convention Center May 9-12, 2022.

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Image: Volvo Trucks

ACT Expo 2021: Volvo Trucks, Dependable Highway Express, SunPower Advance Sustainable Supply Chains

August 31, 2021A new sustainable freight initiative to transport solar photovoltaics (PV) products using solar-powered Volvo VNR Electric trucks was announced at ActExpo 2021.

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The Race to Net Zero

August 5, 2021Countries around the world are realizing that reaching net zero emissions in the transportation sector is the quickest way to reduce GHG.

DERs represented by solar panels

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DERs: Solar, Battery Storage Could Reduce Fleet Electrification Costs

April 12, 2021Distributed energy resources, or DERs, such as on-site solar panels and battery energy storage systems, help cut the costs of EV charging.

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ACT Virtual Peter V

Image: ACT Virtual

ACT Virtual Welcomes Volvo Trucks North America’s President Peter Voorhoeve as Keynote Speaker for Event Launch

August 4, 2020The four-month virtual event will feature a dynamic lineup of more than 130 industry leaders presenting on the technologies driving the future of fleet transportation.

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