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CARB Approves $1.5B Investment in Clean Cars, Trucks, Mobility Options for FY 2021-22

November 23, 2021The California Air Resources Board approved a $1.5-billion investment plan that will increase access to clean vehicles and clean mobility options through a wide variety of projects that support the transformation of California’s vehicle and equipment fleet to zero-emission.

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Infrastructure Deal Will Expand Clean Tech Adoption in the Years to Come

November 22, 2021The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has become a funding reality, with billions of dollars now allocated towards alternative fuel transportation technologies, among a myriad of other projects.

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Oregon Adopts Clean Trucks Rules; Other States May Follow

November 18, 2021New rules in Oregon will accelerate the electrification of school buses, package delivery vans, waste haulers, and commercial tractors.

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New Legislation Funds Major Deployment of Zero and Low-Emissions School Buses

November 16, 2021The newly passed Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal will deliver more emissions-reducing electric, propane and compressed natural gas school buses to American school districts in rural, suburban and urban communities.

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Shell Recharge Solutions

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Greenlots Becoming Shell Recharge Solutions, Fostering Greater Access to Commercial Transportation Electrification

November 10, 2021Greenlots recently announced that in early 2022, the company will become Shell Recharge Solutions, helping to further deliver lower-carbon transportation for commercial fleets, businesses, cities, and public charging.

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TCO Big Driver for Fleets Considering Clean Tech

November 10, 2021TCO is one the most important parts of making alternative fuel vehicle purchase decisions. Learn more about TCO in an upcoming webinar.

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Unlocking TCO for California Fleets with Alternative Fuels

Unlocking TCO for California Fleets with Alternative Fuels

Valley Fleet Support and GNA will discuss key TCO considerations for deployment of battery-electric, natural gas, and propane vehicles when compared to diesel as well as the latest alternative fuel funding opportunities available in California.

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ACT Expo 2022 Opens Call for Abstracts

October 26, 2021The ACT Expo team is currently accepting abstracts for presentations covering any of the clean transportation technologies highlighted at this annual event

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Renewable propane in Virginia

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Renewable Propane Growing in Popularity

October 26, 2021Renewable propane is produced from renewable raw materials, and has a lower carbon intensity than conventional propane.

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Navistar and In-Charge Energy Offer Carbon-Neutral EV Charging

October 26, 2021NaviStar, manufacturer of IC Bus school buses and International brand commercial trucks and engines, is working with In-Charge Energy to power electric vehicle fleet customers with carbon-neutral electricity through their turnkey EV charging infrastructure.

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Propane autogas delivery

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5 Propane Autogas Fleets Demonstrate Fuel’s Versatility

October 20, 2021As further proof of the short- and long-term advantages of the alternative fuel, fleets are sharing their firsthand experiences of operating their vehicles on autogas.

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Massachusetts Celebrates First V2G Benefits from Electric School Bus

October 15, 2021For what may be the first time in Massachusetts, an electric school bus over the summer successfully delivered power back to the electricity grid for more than 50 hours.

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New York City Council Passes Bill for All-Electric School Buses by 2035

October 13, 2021The New York City Council passed a bill on Oct. 7 that requires that all school buses in use by Sept. 1, 2035, are to be powered by all-electric, zero-emission drive systems.

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NYC Annual Fleet and Equipment Show

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NYC Announces $75 Million in Funding for Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure to Expand Greenest Municipal Fleet

October 12, 2021In NYC, the addition of EVs and charging infrastructure helps support the goal of transitioning to an all-electric fleet by 2040.

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ARP Joins DERA to Fund Purchases of Cleaner School Buses

October 7, 2021The American Rescue Plan passed earlier this year offers a new funding opportunity for school districts to purchase cleaner school buses, joining and the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act, which opened the application period for is most recent pot school bus rebate money.

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Jobs, Resources, and Plans — Where to Look for Your Funding Future

September 30, 2021Federal incentives and regulatory stimuli seek to reinvigorate the country’s economic priorities for clean transportation and infrastructure.

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