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Toronto operating 60 electric buses from 3 vendors

September 25, 2020StreetDrone, a U.K.-based autonomous technology company, has brought the idea of subscription services for automobiles into the world of autonomy by launching “the world’s first subscription-based self-driving software solution.”

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Environmental policy image of wind turbines

ACT 101: Overview of U.S. Environmental Policy

September 22, 2020Environmental policy in the U.S. has responded to the topic of climate change and the business environment for transportation.

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EV Battery Technology

ACT 101: EV Battery Sourcing and Lifecycle

July 1, 2020EV battery technology is a critical component for the growth of EV adoption and the advancement of a cleaner transportation system.

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Autonomous Vehicle

ACT 101: What are Autonomous Vehicles?

March 16, 2020Autonomous vehicles (AVs) rely on technology that allows the vehicle to become “self-driving” by sensing the surrounding environment of roadways, traffic lights, pedestrians, and other vehicles.

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Air Pollutants

ACT 101: Are All Air Pollutants the Same?

February 6, 2020Greenhouse gas emissions are often considered interchangeable with air pollutants. Both interact in the air, but in distinctly different ways.

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Waste-to-energy anerobic digester

ACT 101: What is Waste-to-Energy?

December 5, 2019Waste-to-energy is the commercially-proven process of recovering energy from municipal solid waste (MSW) for power production.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

ACT 101: What is a Fuel Cell?

August 15, 2019Producing zero tailpipe emissions and providing clean and efficient transportation, can fuel cells transform the way we move people and transport our goods?

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ACT 101: Have You Left Money Lying Around? A Look at California’s Clean Fuel Market

April 18, 2019LCFS credits can accelerate a return on investment, contribute to a lower total cost of ownership, and in some cases, provide free fuel plus a little additional cash in the fleet’s pocket.

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Propane Bus

Why Renewable Propane?

April 11, 2019Renewable propane is a plentiful renewable fuel identical in composition to conventional propane, offering low emissions at a low cost.

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ACT 101: What is Electricity and What are its Risks as a Fuel?

March 14, 2019What is electricity and what are its risks as a fuel? These questions are important as fleets increasingly look to electrify their vehicles.

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RNG Produced from Waste

RNG from Waste (the Next Gold Rush?)

November 1, 2018Renewable natural gas (RNG) is being produced by innovative waste collection companies from the trash they collect each day, and used to fuel their trucks.

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Is Natural Gas renewable?

Is Renewable Natural Gas a Fossil Fuel?

July 19, 2018To those of us in the industry, this question may sound like a no-brainer. However, this question and similar ones are still commonly asked.

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Connected Vehicles

The Way of the Future: Connected Vehicle Tech

May 16, 2018Connected vehicles are becoming more and more prominent. Learn where these vehicles are now and where they are headed.

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What will the Future Bring for Electric Vehicle Batteries?

March 21, 2018As more and more nations declare their intention to prohibit the sale of fossil fuel-powered vehicles, attention naturally shifts to efforts to develop electric vehicle batteries that can meet the performance requirements of demanding duty cycles.

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vw settlement funding

The VW Settlement: How to Identify the Best State-Specific Incentives for Your Projects

February 15, 2018Key updates on the VW Settlement and launch of a new VW funds tracking tool and project competitiveness calculator.

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ACT 101: What is Renewable Methane?

December 12, 2017There is a lot of conflicting information about what renewable methane is, how it is created, and whether or not it is a clean energy source.

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