EPEQ IM: The Solution for Idle Control, Cost Reduction, & Emission Mitigation

January 19, 2024

Grip Idle Management is now EPEQ® Idle Management (EPEQ® IM) by Vanair®. EPEQ® IM reduces or eliminates the unnecessary idling of a vehicle’s engine. EPEQ® IM adapts to your fleet’s needs. It can be programmed to turn the vehicle on/off based on parameters like run time or battery charge. You can use your vehicle’s onboard battery or opt for the high-performance EPEQ® ELiMENT® 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery and Battery Management System (BMS) to power various equipment, from cab climate control to: air compressors, generators, emergency lights, radios, laptops, cameras, and more all while automatically shutting down the engine. Learn more about the anti-idling system that pays for itself at epeqidlemanagement.com.