Clean Vehicle Funding Workshop Series at ACT Expo

January 28, 2019

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As billions of dollars in funding is coming online in the near-term, fleet operators have an unprecedented opportunity to reduce emissions and fuel costs by upgrading vehicles and equipment. Gain insight on how to identify the best opportunities for your fleet and how to submit a winning application by participating in the ACT Expo Funding Workshops on Friday, April 26!

Workshop 1: Funding Fundamentals

In this one-hour crash course, GNA will provide an entry level review of:

  • How to find funding
  • What you need to submit a successful proposal
  • What you should be prepared for when you win

Attendees will earn a GNA Funding Fundamentals Certificate of Completion to show that you have been verified to understand the basics associated with pursuing vehicle funding.

Workshop 2: Part I – Utility Rate Structures and Incentives

There are more than 3,300 utilities in the U.S., all with varying rate structures and plans to address the growing EV market. Panelists will offer insight into how fleets can:

  • Manage the various rate structures and plans, particularly when operating across multiple regions
  • Take advantage of the plethora of incentives offered through utilities
  • Best leverage utility rates and other incentives to finance EV deployments
Workshop 2: Part II – Accessing $15 Billion in VW Funding for Clean Transportation Programs

More than two years after the Partial Consent Decree (i.e. VW settlement) was established, funding has begun to roll out across the U.S. This has presented an unpreceded opportunity to accelerate the deployment of clean transportation projects. Hear an overview of the current and upcoming funding landscape, including:

  • The distribution of the Volkswagen funding, where it currently stands, and what the next steps are in the allocation process
  • How states are distributing funds and which fuels and technologies each state is focused on
  • How to prepare to compete for these funds and accelerate the likelihood of receiving funding

Attendees will learn about emerging funding programs and walk away with a roadmap for how to access competitive grant dollars.

View the full ACT Expo agenda here.