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Run on Less – Electric DEPOT Bootcamp #1: Best Practices for Utility-Fleet Relationships

Webinar Date: April 25, 2023 at 10:00am PSTLearn from some of the fleets and utilities most knowledgeable in trucking electrification to understand what to expect when transitioning to electric trucks.

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Approaching Fleet Emission Reductions Sustainably and Affordably

Webinar Date: April 11, 2023 at 10:00am PSTJoin this one-hour webinar to see how TCO is shaping the way fleets reduce emissions.

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Small and Medium Fleets: Transitioning to Clean Vehicles & Fuels

Webinar Date: April 5, 2023 at 1:00pm PSTJoin us to learn how leading small and medium fleets are reducing emissions with sustainable technologies, overcoming challenges, and capturing the business benefits of deploying advanced clean vehicles and fuels.

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Funding Your Fleet’s Entire EV Project

Register for this 1-hour webinar on February 23, 2023, at 11:00 am PT to learn how planning now can save you money on the cost of EVs, EV chargers, infrastructure, software, and much more.

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Kick-Start Your 2023 EV Funding & Regulation Game Plan

Join SCE and the Harbor Trucking Association to learn how to take advantage of billions in available funding while preparing for the zero-emission CARB regulations that could be coming down the way. Don’t wait—the time to start planning is now!

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Hydrogen-Powered Yard Trucks: Piloting Zero-Emission Transportation at the Port of Los Angeles

Learn how the hydrogen-powered ZECAP yard truck is showing that fuel cell technology can meet the rigorous demands at TraPac’s busy terminal at the Port of Los Angeles.

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Advanced Clean Fleets Is Almost Here: Navigating the ACF Rule

Approval of the proposed Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF) rule is imminent and could require California fleets to transition to 100% zero-emission vehicles.

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What are WAIRE Mitigation Fees & How Can Southern California Warehouses Minimize Compliance Costs

Watch the recording to learn who is affected by the rule and how you can earn WAIRE points by switching to clean technology solutions to avoid paying thousands in mitigation fees.

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Fleet Talk: Bimbo Bakeries USA Shares Their Experience With EV Transition

Learn how Bimbo Bakeries USA grew from five Motiv-powered EVs to over a hundred more planned or deployed in sites across the country.

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Infrastructure for the Future: How Microgrids are Accelerating Transportation Sector Decarbonization

AlphaStruxure and a trio of transportation leaders discussed proven strategies for accelerating the transition to a zero-emission future.

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Myth-Busting: The H2 Fueling Economy

This one-hour webinar covers considerations for working with hydrogen, as well as its viability as the light- and heavy-duty transportation fuel source for the future.

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EV Grant Funding 101 for Fleets: Answering Your Top Questions

Get back to the basics of funding and hear from a fleet operator who successfully secured funding and their lessons learned.

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Creating a Sustainable Agricultural Strategy

Watch as GNA, Solectrac, L.A Compost, and Waimea Coffee Farm discuss how reducing emissions, as well as fuel and operational costs, is helping agriculture operations address climate change.

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Fleet Insights: Learn How Producers Dairy Successfully Integrated EVs Into Daily Operation

Hear directly from a leading fleet that deployed Central California’s first battery-electric trucks. Gain insight into how the trucks are performing, the fleet’s lessons learned, and how they leveraged funding to save money on project costs.

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Developing an Effective Charging & Energy Strategy for Your Fleet’s EV Transition

Watch GNA, Ideanomics Energy, and its partners discuss how to create an effective electrification ecosystem team for your fleet.

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Funding for Clean Transportation from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

Join GNA to understand how the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law can help public fleets and equipment manufacturers access funding opportunities for zero- and near-zero emission technologies.

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