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Drones vs. e-Cargo Bikes: A Battle for Delivery Efficiency

August 23, 2022New research suggests each has its place, but only one can rule when it comes to energy consumption.

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Could Hybrid Tech Help Future Diesels?

August 22, 2022For the next two decades or so – quite possibly longer – the vast majority of North American fleets will rely on diesel fuel to move freight, particularly in long-haul applications.

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Union Pacific to Spend $1 Billion to Modernize 600 Trains

August 2, 2022Union Pacific, the second-largest U.S. railroad, is spending $1 billion to modernize 600 trains, and Wabtec Corp. is the firm for the deal.

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It’s High Time for the Cannabis Industry to Embrace Sustainability

August 1, 2022A recent research paper has called out the investment and sustainability communities for paying insufficient attention to the ESG impacts of cannabis cultivation, notably its sizable environmental footprint.

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Analysis Shows How Emerging Fuels Power Commercial Truck Fleets

July 19, 2022A new analysis from Diesel Technology Forum highlights the role of existing and emerging fuels and technologies in powering the nation’s commercial trucks.

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Hope Dims that U.S. Can Meet 2030 Climate Goals

July 8, 2022Nearly everything needs to go right for America to reach the climate targets set by President Joe Biden. So far, very little has.

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Canada Publishing Final New Clean Fuel Regulations

July 6, 2022Canada’s final Clean Fuel Regulations will set increasingly stringent requirements on producers and importers to reduce the carbon intensity of gasoline and diesel.

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Convoy Targets Prevention of 3.8M Pounds of Trucking Emissions

June 30, 2022Digital freight network Convoy aims to prevent 3.8 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from trucking in 2022, the company said Tuesday in its second sustainability report. The Seattle-based company has targeted reducing empty miles as the main strategy to achieve this goal.

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Exploring Emissions Through Other Cultures

June 23, 2022Norway is a shining example of emissions reductions, with 99% of the its power being renewable. With boots-on-the-ground experience, industry leaders can learn from other countries’ successes.

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Breakout Sessions Abound at ACT Expo 2022

May 12, 2022The third day of the record-breaking ACT Expo was filled with educational breakout sessions covering all the fascinating trends in and around the clean tech industry.

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State of Sustainable Fleets

SoSF 2022 Report: Accelerating Use of Clean Tech

May 9, 2022In the third annual State of Sustainable Fleets Market Brief, transportation fleets continued to report that their use of clean fuels and advanced vehicle technologies is rapidly progressing.

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Achieving Decarbonization Goals for Fleets

April 25, 2022A resource that reduces the stress on the grid and decreases fleets' reliance on fuel sources that produce GHG emissions will help the EV transition.

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ACT Expo Announces Roster of Leading Industry Speakers

March 28, 2022Executives from leading vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, infrastructure and fuel providers, and public and private fleets will highlight key trends at this year's ACT Expo.

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Understanding Southern California’s Warehouse ISR Compliance Rules

Learn about the South Coast Air Quality Management District Warehouse Indirect Source Rule (ISR), which aims to improve air quality in communities near large distribution centers that have significant emissions from medium- and heavy-duty vehicles.

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Electric Vehicles in North America: Overcoming Adoption Hurdles

March 14, 2022While the transition to electric vehicles is underway, there are some obstacles and drivers that will influence the market moving forward.


Blue, purple and red Semi trucks climbs Interstate Hill In Heavy Traffic

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California Leads, States Follow on Zero-Emission Rules for MD, HD Trucks

February 8, 2022After the California Air Resources Board passed the ACT Regulation in 2020, five more states are following suit and adopting zero-emission regulations of their own.

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