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New England Governors Abandon Pact to Reduce Transportation Pollution

November 24, 2021Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker is abandoning his administration’s ambitious plan to create a multistate compact aimed at dramatically reducing transportation pollution after the deal failed to gain traction in other states.

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Appellate Court Strikes Down Rule Requiring Fuel-Saving Trailer Technologies

November 15, 2021A divided federal appeals court has thrown out portions of the 2016 Phase 2 greenhouse gas emissions rule that would have required heavy- and medium-duty trailers for the first time ever to adopt some combination of fuel-saving technologies.

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ENERGY Transportation Group in Top 2% of Carriers Operating Sustainably

November 8, 2021Montreal-based Energy Transportation Group recently appeared on two SmartWay High Performer lists, the first of which evaluates several metrics: fuel consumption, particulate matter and nitrogen oxide emissions — only 2% of SmartWay trucking fleets achieve this level of efficiency.

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EPA Administrator Michael Regan oversees DERA

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EPA Has ‘No Finer Partner’ Than Trucking, Administrator Says

November 1, 2021“It’s time for EPA to step back into the void and look at a 50-state solution,” agency chief Michael Regan says, referring to various states developing their own emissions regulations as the Trump administration “abdicated” its regulatory duties.

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Report: Emissions Benefits from 12 States, D.C. Adopting California MD/HD Vehicle Regs

November 1, 2021An International Council on Clean Transportation report estimates the cumulative avoided nitrogen oxides, fine particulate matter, and well-to-wheel carbon dioxide equivalent emission reductions beginning in 2025 if 12 states plus the District of Columbia adopt California’s Advanced Clean Trucks rule, HDV Omnibus rule, and enforcement of CA GHG Phase II Trailer standards.

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Corporate Leaders Rally Around Decarbonization Pathways for High-Emitting Industries

November 1, 2021In the approach to COP26, a new set of decarbonization plans for steel, aviation, and shipping shows how these high-emitting industries can cut emissions in the next decade en route to net zero.

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Where Trucking Stands on Environmental Sustainability

October 28, 2021Sustainability in the trucking industry can be viewed from different angles, according to a panel at American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference & Exhibition on Oct. 25.

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Reaching Class 8 Truck Peak Fuel Efficiency

October 27, 2021With the right maintenance strategy emphasizing fuel efficiency, a fleet can have it all: better fuel economy, more uptime, and lower maintenance costs.

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ACT Expo 2022 Opens Call for Abstracts

October 26, 2021The ACT Expo team is currently accepting abstracts for presentations covering any of the clean transportation technologies highlighted at this annual event

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Port of Los Angeles Reports Clean Air in 2020

October 25, 2021The Port of Los Angeles has reported that it ended 2020 with a net reduction in air pollution after it released its Inventory of Air Emissions for the year.

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Volvo Trucks Outlines Next Steps Toward Carbon-Free Transport Vision

October 25, 2021Volvo Trucks is ramping up sales and deliveries of battery-electric trucks while also reducing carbon emissions within its own facilities and supply chain in North America as part of its global efforts to improve environmental sustainability.

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Amazon’s New Net-Zero Carbon Pledge is Focused on the Oceans

October 20, 2021Amazon and IKEA are among the major companies pushing the ocean shipping industry to adopt zero-carbon fuel sources for vessels by 2040.

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Aviation Leaders Commit to Net-Zero Carbon Dioxide Emissions

October 15, 2021Business aviation leaders pledged to achieve net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 at the National Business Aviation Association’s 2021 Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition.

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Remora is Ready to Roll with Carbon Capture for Trucks

October 12, 2021Climate tech solutions can sometimes seem vexingly distant on the horizon, but as climate impacts bear down hard, the urgency of the problem is palpable. That’s why it’s invigorating to see a solution such as Remora, which reduces emissions from long-haul trucking by sucking up carbon dioxide directly from the tailpipe.

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A New Way to Track Truck Pollution

October 5, 2021Until now, there has been no method to attribute air pollution to individual companies that rely on and pay for trucks to move their goods. A new peer-reviewed framework enables the calculation of local health impacts from diesel trucks based on a company’s market share and public information about their industry sector.

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Shell Starship 2.0 Demonstrates Improved Efficiency

September 23, 2021NACFE partnered with Shell on the company’s second Starship run to show how diesel fleets can improve their fuel and freight efficiency.

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