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XL Hybrid Truck Image

Looking to Accelerate Fleet Electrification After COVID-19? Start with a Hybrid

July 29, 2020Commercial and municipal fleets throughout North America are adopting hybrid electric vehicles in large volumes today, with immediate fuel economy.

SDG&E Power Your Drive for Fleets Program Educational Webinar

SDG&E Launches New EV Incentives Powering San Diego Fleets

July 16, 2020SDG&E launches EV infrastructure program for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles with a goal of installing charging infrastructure at customer sites.

Natural Gas Heavy Duty Vehicle

The Sweet Spot for Natural Gas Trucks

May 26, 2020Fleets using natural gas experience a sweet spot with miles driven, maintenance practices, and gas stability

How Can Renewable Natural Gas Provide a Negative Carbon Impact?

March 4, 2020The attention surrounding renewable natural gas for good reason. The fuel can deliver negative emissions at an extremely low cost to consumers. Anything that good makes one wonder whether the science backs the claims.

Upcoming PG&E Open House Series Connects Distribution and Delivery Fleets with EV Resources

February 21, 2020PG&E is hosting a series of open house events to give distribution and delivery fleets a firsthand opportunity to test drive medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles and learn about funding opportunities.

IMO 2020: What Fleets Need to Know and How to Prepare

December 6, 2019Will the looming IMO sulfur regulation impact domestic diesel prices? How on-road fleets can turn to domestically produced fuels to avoid price volatility.

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Trend Alert: Diesel Engines Will Power America for a Long Time with the Help of Cleaner-Burning Biodiesel

June 4, 2019With the prevalence of diesel engines, biodiesel blends are a cost-effective solution for fleets that want to cut emissions.

The Other Electric Bus

April 16, 2019A hydrogen fuel cell electric bus is a 100% electric bus with a hybrid battery-fuel cell power train, providing the operator a zero emission transit option without compromise.

Commercial Fleet Operators Leading the Charge

April 8, 2019AMPLY Power is working to transform the commercial transportation sector by eliminating the challenges, hassle, and expensive surprises that fleet operators face when transitioning to electricity as a fuel.

A Drop-In Alternative Fuel for Fleets

March 26, 2019For fleets interested in replacing petroleum diesel with a cleaner fuel alternative, biodiesel is a drop-in replacement, with no expensive vehicle or equipment upgrades required and which typically costs less than petroleum diesel.

School Decision Makers Deserve Facts about School Buses

April 10, 2018School district officials deserve evidence-based information when making decisions about school buses that affect budgets and environmental issues. Propane autogas school buses are quieter, save on fuel and maintenance costs, and have the lowest level of NOx of any school bus on the market.