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Will Electric Trucks Need New Suspensions?

November 24, 2021Electric trucks will redefine how we move freight, but will the addition of a few tons of batteries demand a redesign of the vehicle itself?

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CARB Approves $1.5B Investment in Clean Cars, Trucks, Mobility Options for FY 2021-22

November 23, 2021The California Air Resources Board approved a $1.5-billion investment plan that will increase access to clean vehicles and clean mobility options through a wide variety of projects that support the transformation of California’s vehicle and equipment fleet to zero-emission.

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How Can Green Bonds Help Companies Overcome Costs to go Green?

November 23, 2021While one of the largest barriers to adopting emissions-reduction technologies in the transportation sector is the high initial costs, green bonds can help companies get the upfront capital they need to invest in sustainable technologies.

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Innovative Cities Funding New Clean Fuel Stations 

November 22, 2021In Illinois, city fleets are looking at varied solutions to enhance their sustainability initiatives while maintaining an efficient delivery of city services and mobility.

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By Sea, Land and Air: Decarbonizing Transportation and Logistics

November 19, 2021In order for the world to achieve the aggressive carbon reduction targets necessary to keep temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050, we must collectively work to decarbonize the supply chain.

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Oregon Adopts Clean Trucks Rules; Other States May Follow

November 18, 2021New rules in Oregon will accelerate the electrification of school buses, package delivery vans, waste haulers, and commercial tractors.

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Jumping on the EV Bandwagon

November 18, 2021EVs are no different than any other trucking technology in that one size will not fit all. Now is the time to start determining which size is right for you.

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Amazon Order Drives Renewable Natural Gas Development

November 16, 2021Clean Energy Fuels Corp. and BP announced that their renewable natural gas joint venture will build on previously announced plans to finance and develop new projects at dairy farms, starting in the Midwest.

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TuSimple Set for Driverless Test Runs

November 15, 2021TuSimple plans to start running “driver-out” autonomous-truck pilots by the end of the year, removing the driver for runs over an 80-mile route between Phoenix and Tucson.

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Appellate Court Strikes Down Rule Requiring Fuel-Saving Trailer Technologies

November 15, 2021A divided federal appeals court has thrown out portions of the 2016 Phase 2 greenhouse gas emissions rule that would have required heavy- and medium-duty trailers for the first time ever to adopt some combination of fuel-saving technologies.

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Giga Carbon Neutrality Prepares Launch of Zero-Emission Commercial Vehicles

November 12, 2021Giga Carbon Neutrality (GCN), a clean trucking and technology company, has unveiled a comprehensive range of zero-emission commercial vehicles that it plans to bring to market over the next two years.

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What Does Daimler Truck Spin-Off Mean for North America?

November 12, 2021While the chip shortage and other constraints have affected Daimler Trucks North America as they have other vehicle manufacturers, the company’s still number one in Class 6-8 market share and plans to stay there as it pushes forward with zero-emissions, autonomous, and connected-vehicle technologies.

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Ballard Acquires Arcola Energy to Help Customers Integrate Fuel Cell Systems into HD Mobility

November 12, 2021Ballard Power Systems has acquired Arcola Energy, a UK-based systems engineering company specializing in hydrogen fuel cell powertrain and vehicle systems integration.

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Daimler Truck, TotalEnergies Partner to Develop Hydrogen Ecosystem

November 11, 2021Daimler Truck AG and TotalEnergies signed an agreement on their joint commitment to the de-carbonization of the road freight in the European Union.

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Shell Recharge Solutions

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Greenlots Becoming Shell Recharge Solutions, Fostering Greater Access to Commercial Transportation Electrification

November 10, 2021Greenlots recently announced that in early 2022, the company will become Shell Recharge Solutions, helping to further deliver lower-carbon transportation for commercial fleets, businesses, cities, and public charging.

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TCO Big Driver for Fleets Considering Clean Tech

November 10, 2021TCO is one the most important parts of making alternative fuel vehicle purchase decisions. Learn more about TCO in an upcoming webinar.

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