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Get America Moving Again and Prepare the United States for the Next Era of Electric Transportation

June 1, 2020Get America Moving Again (GAMA) is the latest report from EC and SAFE that outlines how crucial the transportation sector is for the economy to recover.

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Electreon Wireless Presses Ahead With Projects to Electrify Roads

June 1, 2020Electreon Wireless is pressing ahead with projects to test its technology that allows electric cars to be charged while driving, potentially demonstrating a way to overcome a key barrier to the mass adoption of the vehicles.

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How Should California Wind Down Its Fossil Fuel Industry?

June 1, 2020California is the seventh-largest oil-producing state. However, clean energy is the state’s future. By law, California must have 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2045, and an executive order signed by former Governor Jerry Brown calls for economywide carbon-neutrality by the same year.

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Next EV hotspot: Alabama?

May 28, 2020You may not think of Alabama as a center of the auto industry, but in fact, Mercedes-Benz opened an assembly plant in Tuscaloosa County back in 1993, and today Hyundai, Honda, Toyota and Mazda, as well as several Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers, have operations in the Yellowhammer State.

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World’s biggest green H2 production plant will fuel stations in California

May 27, 2020The global energy company SGH2 is bringing the world’s largest green hydrogen production facility to Lancaster, California.

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Westport Fuel Systems to Supply CNG Solutions to GASTEC

May 27, 2020Westport Fuel Systems Inc., a supplier of advanced fuel delivery components and systems for low-carbon fuels, has been awarded a competitive tender bid by the Egyptian International Gas Technology Co. to supply 6,300 CNG sequential injection fuel systems into the growing Egyptian market in 2020.

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How Will Waymo Monetize Autonomy?

May 22, 2020Autonomous driving will be huge a beneficiary of the lingering effects of social distancing. Waymo, being the world’s leading consumer facing Autonomous Vehicle company, stands to benefit immensely.

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SAE, others seeking common naming for ADAS functionality in vehicles

May 18, 2020SAE International is endorsing an effort to better inform drivers on aspects of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in current and future vehicles.

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Filling station offering 100% bio-CNG opens in the south of New Jersey

May 15, 2020South Jersey Gas announced the opening of its new CNG fueling station in Cape May County. The station is open to the public and exclusively offers renewable natural gas.

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Five Great Use Cases for “Destination DC” EV Chargers

May 13, 2020As the Electric Vehicle landscape has evolved from a limited number of passenger models to a large array of vehicle makes, models and types – that have ever-increasing battery packs – charging infrastructure has evolved to keep pace.

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Propane Autogas Taxi in Las Vegas

Propane Autogas Hybrid Fleet Hits the Streets

May 5, 2020Propane autogas is a proven and reliable alternative energy source for fleets looking for a cost-effective solution for reducing emissions.

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Study Estimates Fuel Economy Improvements to US Light-Duty Vehicles From 1975–2018 Saved 2T Gallons of Fuel, 17B Tons of CO2

May 4, 2020A team from the University of Tennessee and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has the fuel savings due to fuel economy improvements over the past 43 years amount to approximately two trillion gallons of gasoline.

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Electric Charging Gets More Juice as Soros Fund Management Makes a Bet on Amply Power

May 4, 2020Even as oil companies are getting crushed by the collapse of demand for energy in the wake of international shutdowns responding to the global pandemic, investors representing one of the world’s savviest financiers are placing a small bet on electric charging as the future of transportation.

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Colorado Releases New Electric Vehicle Plan

April 29, 2020The Colorado Energy Office a non-regulatory department within  focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions has released the Colorado Electric Vehicle Plan 2020.

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Global Hydrogen Launches New Fuel Cell Standards Website

April 29, 2020The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association has launched the centralized, global tracker of hydrogen and fuel cell regulations, codes and standards,

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Image of an interior room in the Toyota Australia Hydrogen Center

Toyota Australia launches first stage of its Hydrogen Center

April 23, 2020Toyota Australia has marked the 50th anniversary of Earth Day with the unveiling of the first stage of its Hydrogen Centre at the Toyota Center of Excellence in Altona, Melbourne.

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