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ACT Expo Announces Roster of Innovative Speakers

August 10, 2021As always, the list of speakers presenting at the annual ACT Expo is filled with North America’s leading fleet operators and top industry executives.

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ACT Expo Agenda Offers Something for Every Level of Clean Tech Industry

August 4, 2021Register for ACT Expo before August 13 to receive a discount on a full conference pass for this August 30 to September 2 clean tech event.

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ACT Expo Webinar #3

Effectively Combining Smart, Connected, and Electric Technologies

Discover the latest service offerings from leading charging, microgrid, and electric vehicle technology firms, and how fleets are implementing these technologies for EVs.

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FedEx Rolls out Nuro Autonomous Delivery Vehicle in Houston

June 15, 2021FedEx has been testing an autonomous delivery vehicle in the Houston area since April. The vehicle, a Nuro R2 model, is delivering parcels as part of a multiyear, multiphase agreement to pilot autonomous last-mile delivery.

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Image: Refraction AI

Refraction AI Sees Big Opportunity in Texas

June 15, 2021Refraction AI, a last-mile delivery platform and robotics company launched in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has expanded to deliver food in Austin, Texas.

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Image: Waymo

J.B. Hunt, Waymo Partner to Test Self-Driving Trucks in Texas

June 10, 2021J.B. Hunt Transport Services has partnered with autonomous vehicle developer Waymo to move freight with self-driving trucks in Texas.

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Image: FelixMittermeier via Pixabay

Data vs. Instinct: How Autonomous Trucks Operate in Stormy Conditions

June 4, 2021Radar, lidar and cameras substitute for — and even exceed — a human driver’s senses. But that doesn’t mean AVs can drive in every type of adverse condition. They may need to pull over in extreme weather, just like humans do.

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Image: DHL

DHL Extends Warehouse Automation Partnership with Locus Robotics

June 2, 2021DHL Supply Chain has announced a framework agreement with Locus Robotics to continue expanding its automation collaboration that began in 2017 as an important piece to DHL’s Accelerated Digitalization Strategy.

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Image: Kodiak Robotics

Kodiak Robotics To Bring Autonomous Trucking Tech to Asia

May 26, 2021Kodiak Robotics announced it has partnered with South Korea-based SK to bring Kodiak’s autonomous truck technology to the Asia-Pacific market. Under the partnership, SK will sell and distribute Kodiak’s “self-driving” technology in Korea and China.

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Image: Aurora Innovation

When Will Trucks Drive Themselves?

May 24, 2021The road to autonomous trucking is long and littered with obstacles, but developers of self-driving systems for commercial vehicles are making clear and tangible progress in their mission to bring this technology to market.

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Image: Locomation

Some Self-Driving Truck Developers Make Case for Supervised Autonomy

May 21, 2021While most developers of Level 4 autonomous truck technology are targeting driverless operation, some see near-term business cases for highly automated, self-driving trucks with a driver still in the vehicle.

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Daimler Trucks Pursues Dual-Track Autonomous Strategy

May 20, 2021Globally, autonomy will be one of many new services Daimler Truck is focusing on as it moves forward, along with electrification services such as battery management and digitization.

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AVA Autonomous Shuttle

Image: AVA

PSTA Continues Autonomous Vehicle Testing Program

May 20, 2021In Dunedin, AVA will be testing two routes in the City of Dunedin that align with the remaining Toronto Blue Jays spring training games at TD Ballpark and the summer months for Downtown Dunedin.

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Image: Phillips Connect

Phillips Connect: Autonomous Trucks Need Smart Trailers

May 19, 2021One of the issues faced by both future autonomous trucks and current tractor-trailers is the issue of latency, explained Phillips Connect CEO Rob Phillips – how long it can take for data to make its way from the rear of the trailer into the cab.

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Human-Guided Autonomous Tech Projected to Save Money, Improve Driver Lifestyle

May 19, 2021Autonomous trucking is poised to solve several long-term industrial issues, ranging from tight capacity and chronic truck parking shortages to the untenable toll of highway deaths involving heavy-duty trucks, and do so while delivering a potentially staggering wave of economic prosperity to supply chain participants for decades to come.

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Embark Trucks hauling HP printers as it grows autonomous partner network

May 17, 2021HP Inc. will begin shipping computer printers from Los Angeles to Phoenix on supervised autonomous semis from Embark Trucks. HP is the newest addition to a network of Embark is growing to better understand shipper needs.

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