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Emmissions reduction targets illustrated

ZEV-Only Focus Not Achieving Greatest Obtainable Emissions Result But Costing More

October 28, 2020Analyses of public-funded Fleet Transition Programs show that RCNG/RLNG vehicles are key to meeting strict emissions reduction targets.

Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGVAmerica)

Proterra EV Charging Solutions Enable Full Fleet Electrification for Commercial Vehicles

October 28, 2020Proterra unveiled its new, high-powered charging solution designed to enable the electrification of large-scale vehicle fleets.

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California CCAs Launch EV-Charging Infrastructure Deployment Programs

October 28, 2020Four community choice aggregators from the Bay Area and Central Coast of California are funding – in total, with state financial contributions – $65 million in infrastructure to support the rising number of electric vehicles in the state.

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RVTD Selects U.S. Gain to Supply RNG to Fleet of Buses

October 27, 2020U.S. Gain has been selected to supply RNG to Rogue Valley Transportation District, a public transportation provider in the Rogue Valley region of Oregon, for use within their fleet of buses.

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Virtual Pipeline Trailer

Bringing Clean Fuel Where It Is Needed Most

October 26, 2020When fueling at a public CNG station isn’t realistic, and a private station isn’t feasible, fleets don't need to fall back on diesel technology.

SAE International Researches Efficient Methods for Wireless EV Charging

October 26, 2020SAE International has published two new documents that give electric vehicles a safe and efficient method for transferring power from a charging station to a vehicle.

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Peachtree Corners Issues RFP For EV Supply Equipment Partners

October 23, 2020Peachtree Corners has issued a new request for proposal as it seeks out partners that can provide electric vehicle supply equipment and network services to businesses multi-unit dwelling, property owners and single-family residences.

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Green Hydrogen Visions for the West

October 21, 2020Green hydrogen is the clean strategic energy solution for today and the future, produced from zero-carbon energy resources.

Green Hydrogen Coalition

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Coming Together on National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

October 21, 2020FCHEA spearheads this annual event by giving hydrogen its due through the celebration of National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day.

Fuel Cell Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA)

Pilot LNG to supply LNG as a marine fuel to GAC

October 21, 2020Based in Texas, US, Pilot LNG, LLC has laid the foundation for a partnership with GAC Bunker Fuels for the supply of LNG as a marine fuel from its proposed Galveston LNG Bunker Port terminal project, which will be the first dedicated LNG bunker terminal in the region.

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New alliance will improve Class 8 trucks access to biomethane in U.S.

October 20, 2020Hyliion Inc. and American Natural Gas, Inc. (ANG) have signed a partnership agreement that offers Hyliion customers discounted pricing for renewable natural gas at ANG fueling stations across the country.

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Hydrogen: Truly Green Power

October 19, 2020If you’re not muddled enough yet in the alternative fuels debate, here’s the skinny on hydrogen. It’s an alternative to batteries that can offer faster “fueling” times, along with a lighter and more compact storage medium.


Hyliion, ANG Enter Fuel Partnership Agreement

October 16, 2020Hyliion Inc. and American Natural Gas Inc., an alternative fuel provider, have entered into a partnership agreement that offers Hyliion customers discounted pricing for renewable natural gas at ANG fueling stations across the country.

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California Targets Nearly $400M to Fill Gaps in EV Charging Infrastructure

October 16, 2020The California Energy Commission is putting a “down payment” of $384 million over the next three years on the electric-vehicle charging and zero-emission vehicle infrastructure needed to meet Governor Gavin Newsom’s pledge to end sales of new gasoline-powered cars by 2035.

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Renewable Propane Conference

WPGA Announces Featured Speakers for Nation’s First Renewable Propane Conference

October 16, 2020Join WPGA at the Path to Renewable Propane virtual conference, which will address the next evolution of industry to deliver on decarbonization targets in the transportation and building sectors.

Western Propane Gas Association

What Will it Take to Charge All Those Electric Vehicles?

October 15, 2020For many OEMs, both heavy- and light-duty, electricity is guiding them to the future. And with some scientists predicting 2036 as the danger threshold for global warming, you might see why there is such a push in that direction.