Empowering Your Fleet’s Future: Hands-On EV Consulting for Commercial Fleets at No Cost

June 24, 2024

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Transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs) is not just a trendy headline, it’s a serious undertaking that requires a transformative shift in how medium- and heavy-duty fleets operate. For fleet managers in California, the promise of reduced operational costs, improved driver experiences, and a path to compliance with the state’s zero-emission vehicle regulations are all compelling reasons to make the switch. However, as many fleets are now discovering, the path to electrification is long, challenging, and complex.

To help California fleets operating in Alameda County and City of Tracy work through these challenges, the evFleet Consulting program by Ava Community Energy offers a comprehensive support system designed to provide custom fleet electrification advisory services from a team of experts at no cost.

Understanding the Regulatory Maze

California’s path to reducing emissions from the commercial vehicle sector requires that fleet managers gain a completely new set of skills and regulatory expertise. The state’s current, and impending, regulations add layers of complexity to a fleet’s day-to-day operations and long-term planning capabilities. Navigating these regulations requires a deep understanding of compliance requirements and regulatory pathways, which is daunting for any fleet manager. This is where the evFleet Consulting program comes in.

The evFleet Consulting program offers no cost, hands-on support to identify a compliance gameplan for your specific fleets’ operations. Their team of fleet electrification experts works closely with fleet managers to explain the regulatory landscape, providing clear, actionable guidance tailored to your operation. Whether it’s understanding new emissions standards or implementing compliance strategies, they can help East Bay and City of Tracy fleets get ahead of the regulatory curve.

Navigating the Funding Landscape

Beyond zero-emission regulations, one of the biggest hurdles to transitioning to an electric fleet is the high upfront investment required to deploy expensive new technologies and infrastructure. While there are numerous funding opportunities, incentives, and grants available to offset initial and ongoing costs, the vast number of options, types of funding opportunities, and program requirements is overwhelming. Many fleet managers quickly find themselves lost in a sea of funding agency paperwork, unsure where to start or how to submit a successful application.

The evFleet Consulting program offers no cost, expert assistance to navigate this funding landscape. The evFleet team identifies the best incentives and grants for your specific situation and guides you through the application process. From federal grants to state-specific programs, they ensure fleets can tap into every available resource to help lower costs. The goal is to make the financial transition as smooth as possible, so you can focus on what you do best — running your fleet.

Tailored Fleet Analysis

Every fleet is unique, with specific operational needs and challenges. Choosing the right vehicles and charging infrastructure is critical to ensuring a successful transition to EVs. Ava Community Energy understands this complexity and provides customized solutions to fit your fleet.

The evFleet Consulting program includes a comprehensive fleet analysis. Using the data you share, the evFleet team evaluates your operation and provides zero-emission vehicle model recommendations over a realistic time frame for your business. This detailed analysis ensures that the recommendations are practical and aligned with your operational needs.

Developing Your EV Transition Plan

To ensure a smooth and efficient transition to EVs, Ava Community Energy provides you with a comprehensive report detailing a set of recommendations for your vehicle procurement schedule, charging options, and relevant incentives available to save you money. This comprehensive EV transition plan covers every aspect of the electrification process, ensuring that you are well prepared for the journey ahead.

Whether you’re interested in electric trucks for their lower operational and maintenance costs, improved driver experience, regulatory compliance, or meeting your sustainability goals, the evFleet Consulting program is here to help. Each participant receives custom analysis and recommendations from expert advisors at Frontier Energy, GNA (a TRC Company), and DKS.

The journey to an electric fleet is a significant undertaking, but it’s also a crucial step toward a sustainable future. The evFleet Consulting program is here to make that journey easier, providing the expertise, support, and resources you need to succeed.

If you’re a medium- or heavy-duty fleet manager operating in Alameda County or City of Tracy, now is the time to act. This program is available through August 2024. Find out if you are eligible* for a no cost consulting program and get started today by filling out the interest form at AvaEnergy.org/evFleet.

*To qualify for the evFleet Consulting program you must operate a commercial fleet of on-road Class 2b-8 vehicles and have 5+ vehicles domiciled and operating in Alameda County and/or the City of Tracy.