ACT Expo Mainstage Drives Discussion on Clean Tech Industry’s Next Steps

May 31, 2024

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This year’s ACT Expo Mainstage did not disappoint, with speakers from every sector of the industry — innovators who were not afraid to ask, and answer, the tough questions and challenges facing the commercial transport industry. From Tesla Semi project lead Dan Priestley to J.B. Hunt President Shelley Simpson, this year’s attendees were presented with varying views of the electrification of the trucking industry, surprising revelations on the future of internal combustion engines, and an intriguing comparison to the evolution of the cell phone. More than 12,000 commercial transportation stakeholders gathered at the Las Vegas Convention Center for this year’s event, packed with four days of fleet-focused educational sessions and a historic tradeshow floor featuring advanced transportation technologies from 400-plus top suppliers for all vehicle weight classes and fleet applications.

Above is the keynote presentation by Ryder System CEO Robert Sanchez. As an early adopter in the clean fuels space, Sanchez has spent more than a decade shaping the way that Ryder determines and reaches its emission reduction goals. But to place a bigger bet on EVs, Sanchez called for a catalyst to make battery-electric technology more economically and operationally feasible for the commercial trucking industry. During his keynote address at this year’s ACT Expo in Las Vegas, Sanchez did not pull any punches on how he sees electric trucks fitting into his fleet.

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