Hexagon Agility, Brudeli Green Mobility Announce Collab on HD NZEVs

May 21, 2024

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Hexagon Agility and Brudeli Green Mobility are collaborating to integrate Hexagon Agility’s CNG/RNG systems with Brudeli’s plug-in POWERHYBRID technology, offering fleets the capability to maintain diesel-like duty cycles with increased fuel savings and the ability to both achieve decarbonization goals and comply with emissions regulations.

The Brudeli POWERHYBRID allows long-haul trucks to operate up to 80% electric energy, utilizing a dual electric motor system, enableing the powertrain to switch between serial and parallel hybrid modes. This allows the truck to operate in the most efficient manner as possible and provides flexibility for fleets to operate with clean energy options that are readily available, like renewable natural gas (RNG). The plug-in battery system can also be charged overnight with a Level 2 charger, as well as through regenerative braking.

“There is growing awareness of the need to cut emissions from medium- and heavy-duty trucks, which make up more than 20% of overall CO2 emissions in the US transport sector,” says Lasse Bjørkhaug, CEO at Brudeli. “Our partnership with Hexagon enables fleets in hard-to-electrify market segments to achieve zero-emission operation in sensitive areas, while eliminating range anxiety for longer trips with RNG.”

Brudeli’s plug-in technology offers a 75-mile all-electric range and is targeted to be the very first Near Zero Emission Vehicle–compliant technology commercially available in the U.S. Once certified, Class 7 and 8 trucks with Brudeli’s technology would comply with the Advanced Clean Truck (ACT) rule, according to the companies, as well as being compliant with California’s Advanced Clean Fleets (ACF) rule for the operating life of any vehicle equipped with this solution that is purchased before 2036.

“The Brudeli POWERHYBRID enables fleet owners to retain the power, performance, and fuel cost-savings offered by natural gas engines, while simultaneously harnessing the efficiencies of electric,” says Eric Bippus, EVP Sales & Systems Development, Hexagon Agility. “We believe hybrid could play a role in commercial trucking in the future, and we are excited to take an active role bringing that to the market.”

The companies plan to introduce the first pilot trucks with this technology to the roads in 2026, with serial production slated for 2028.