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The Promise (and Potential Pitfall) of VW Settlement Funding

July 10, 2019Fortunately, the first round of VW funds was not a flash-in-the-pan. However, should states fail to consider fleets’ recommendations for the next rounds of funding, the Volkswagen Settlement Funds may be a one-hit-wonder.


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Workshop at ACT Expo

The Growing Importance of Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Freight and Ports

July 2, 2019The California Hydrogen Business Council recently hosted two workshops focusing on the successful implementation of hydrogen vehicles across the freight and port sectors.

California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC)

Renewable Gas 360

Renewable Gas 360 (Formerly Rethink Methane) Places the Spotlight on All Renewable Gases

June 25, 2019Renewable Gas 360, formerly Rethink Methane, will bring together industry stakeholders to enlighten California policymakers on the economic and environmental benefits of renewable gas.

Renewable Gas 360

Alternative Fuel Natural Gas UPS Truck

The “Ready Now” Alternative Fuel

June 17, 2019UPS’ significant investment sends a clear statement that RNG is a trusted, “ready now” solution to reducing emissions.

Fleet Owner

Climate Mayors and Fleet Electrification

Major National Fleet Electrification Announcement Planned for June

June 6, 2019Climate Mayors will be making a major announcement at the June Climate Mayors Summit related to their near-term commitment to step up public fleet electrification.

Electrification Coalition

Roger Nielsen Speaking at ACT Expo

Clean Transportation Solutions from ACT Expo 2019

May 15, 2019The innovations and technologies at ACT Expo demonstrated the significant increase in investment in advanced clean technologies and fuels for the commercial fleet sector.

Fleet Owner

Road to Low Carbon Fuel Standard

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More States Follow California’s Lead with Low Carbon Fuel Standard Programs

May 9, 2019California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard program has made an impression on other states and regions as they attempt to reduce their own carbon footprint.


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ACT 101: Have You Left Money Lying Around? A Look at California’s Clean Fuel Market

April 18, 2019LCFS credits can accelerate a return on investment, contribute to a lower total cost of ownership, and in some cases, provide free fuel plus a little additional cash in the fleet’s pocket.


EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: Sustainable Fleet Operations in Louisiana

April 18, 2019Dinero Washington, President & CEO of SporTran has pioneered efforts to implement alternative fueled vehicles and advanced technologies across their fleet operations—setting a public transportation first for the state of Louisiana.

Expo Hall at ACT Expo

Image: ACT Expo

ACT Expo – The Largest Clean Fleet Event Returns to Southern California

April 11, 2019ACT Expo showcases the applications of the latest transportation technologies, drivetrains, and clean fuels.

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Electric Bus

How Cooperative Leasing and Purchasing Can Electrify Public Fleets

April 11, 2019The Electrification Coalition and the Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative are working together to accelerate the deployment of EV fleets in public agencies.

Electrification Coalition

VW Funding Decisions III-Served by USEPA Diesel Emissions Quantifier Tool

April 8, 2019VW funding is being allocated for projects using the DEQ, which grossly under-estimates NOx emissions from newer diesel engines.

Clean Fuels Ohio

Image: ACT Expo

ACT Expo 2019: Speaker Line Up Announced

April 2, 2019The 2019 ACT Expo will bring together over 200 industry expert speakers through a series of workshops, technical sessions, and co-located partner events.

ACT Expo

ACT Expo 2019: A New Workshop Explores Greening Aviation

March 29, 2019ACT Expo is adding a new workshop to its 2019 agenda exploring incentives, technologies, and policies that are spurring a ‘greening’ of the aviation industry.

ACT Expo

Natural Gas Vehicles, Engines, and Solution Providers to Convene at the 2019 ACT Expo

March 25, 2019ACT Expo is hosting its ninth annual event next month, April 22 through 26, showcasing the latest natural gas and alternative fuel technologies from cutting-edge exhibitors, technology providers, and content-rich sessions.

ACT Expo

LCFS in California Means Big Gains for RNG

February 21, 2019California’s LCFS program began the new year with beneficial changes, resulting in high value credits for RNG that should spur market growth for the renewable fuel.

California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership