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How a California Shuttle Fleet Has Successfully Deployed EVs

Watch this webinar recording, in collaboration with PG&E, to hear from Genentech on the real-world benefits they have gained by electrifying their fleet.

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Which Electric Vehicles & Equipment are Right for Your Shuttle Fleet?

Watch this recorded webinar, in collaboration with PG&E, to hear from Lion Electric, Phoenix Motorcars, and Lightning Systems about the electric vehicles and equipment available for shuttle bus fleets.

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Investments Drive Sustainable Transportation Growth

February 27, 2020The ACT Expo Investor Summit, launching this year at ACT Expo, is a first-of-its-kind event to focus on investing in the clean fleet market.

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Upcoming PG&E Open House Series Connects Distribution and Delivery Fleets with EV Resources

February 21, 2020PG&E is hosting a series of open house events to give distribution and delivery fleets a firsthand opportunity to test drive medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles and learn about funding opportunities.


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Finding Funding Isn’t as Simple as Point and Click

February 20, 2020While other funding resources require you to point and click through countless incentives, GNA’s Funding 360 Program is a proven market-intelligence solution to help you pursue—and secure—the funds you need.


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How Two California Fleets Have Successfully Deployed EVs

Watch this recorded webinar, in collaboration with PG&E, to hear from Pepsi and UPS on the real-world benefits they have gained by electrifying their fleet.

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Influx of California RNG Fuels Local Economy & Protects Climate

January 28, 2020RNG produced from California's new dairy digester projects is fueling the economy and the transportation industry—capturing methane at the source and providing a carbon negative fuel in return.

California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership

South Coast AQMD Offers New Funding for Combustion Freight and Marine Projects

January 21, 2020South Coast AQMD is hosting a one-hour webinar on February 4th at 11 am to provide an overview of funding and the application process for the new $60 million Combustion Freight and Marine program.

The Future of Fleet is Here, at ACT Expo

November 20, 2019ACT Expo showcases the applications of the latest transportation technologies, drivetrains, and clean fuels.

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Preparing for the Arrival of Heavy-Duty Battery Electric Trucks

Watch this recorded webinar to hear from project partners involved in Volvo LIGHTS—an innovative project making the heavy-duty, battery electric freight movement a reality.

Sydney Vergis, CARB

EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: How CARB Is Fostering Innovation Across Commercial Transportation in California

November 5, 2019Sydney Vergis of the California Air Resources Board, discusses how the state agency is working to drive change across the global transportation industry by fostering investment and innovation in California.

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Massive RNG Supply Boost in California

October 8, 2019California dairy digester projects are successfully converting a previously untapped waste stream into a valuable resource and producing a carbon-negative fuel.

California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership

Federal government advances fuel cell technology

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Federal Policies Are Advancing Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Energy

October 8, 2019Bipartisan, bicameral support for National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day reflects the longstanding belief in the energy, environmental, and economic benefits of these technologies across the United States Government.

Fuel Cell Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA)

Anheuser-Busch Zero Emission BYD Truck

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CTE Driving Heavy-Duty Transport Towards A Clean Climate Future

October 7, 2019Anheuser-Busch, BYD, and partners across clean transportation deploy North America's largest Class 8 electric zero emission fleet.

Center for Transportation and the Environment

Stacking Incentives to Buy Down the Cost of Fleet Electrification

Find additional incentives and rebates that drive down the cost of EVs and charging infrastructure.

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Why Now Is the Time to Electrify Your Fleet

Join us on Thursday, September 5 for a complimentary webinar series in collaboration with PG&E.

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