Renewable Gas 360 Webinar Series Highlights Renewable Molecules

June 24, 2021

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In 2015, GNA initiated an annual symposium to educate California policymakers about the important role renewable gases can and should play in the state’s efforts to mitigate the impacts of climate change, reduce emissions of criteria air pollutants, improve the energy system’s resilience and reliability, and build the foundation for long-term sustainable economic growth.

The symposium was initiated under the moniker of “Rethink Methane,” as related to the emerging potential of renewable natural gas (RNG). At the time, RNG was beginning to play a growing role as a low carbon fuel in the state’s transportation sector. Industry stakeholders began to suggest that RNG, as well as other renewable gases, could compliment transitioning the electric grid to zero carbon renewables and provide much-needed markets for forest and ag waste. Both the private sector and municipalities could also address mandates to divert organic material from landfills and local waters by recovering, reusing, and recycling these feedstocks for energy production.

Rethink Methane was initiated in 2015 to educate California policymakers about the important role renewable gases can play to mitigate climate change.

New Branding as Renewable Gas 360 Recognizes Broader Content Discussion

Although the initial iteration of this discussion was called “Rethink Methane,” the content of the annual seminar was much broader. Speakers and panels covered a wide variety of renewable molecules, including hydrogen, propane, syngas, dimethyl ether (DME), and other vapors derived from organic or other renewable resources. Thus, in recognition of the reality of the program, in 2020 the symposium was rebranded as “Renewable Gas 360,” or RG 360. This new designation recognized the wide variety of renewable molecules discussed and symbolized the 360-degree critical review of these essential energy resources.

One year ago, GNA expanded Renewable Gas 360 to include a webinar series. This was done for several reasons. First, given the importance, value, and quality of the discussions that were taking place at Renewable Gas 360, attendees wanted additional and more frequent information. Second, sponsors suggested that the Renewable Gas 360 curriculum that was being presenting to only California policymakers needed to be heard by a national audience. Finally, the pandemic necessitated a new strategy to deliver the Renewable Gas 360 syllabus to stakeholders in a virtual environment.

Renewable Gas 360 symbolizes the 360-degree critical review of renewable molecules as essential energy resources.

Huge Appetite for Information Presented in Renewable Gas 360 Webinar Series

In June 2020, GNA hosted the first Renewable Gas 360 webinar. Now, one year later, the Renewable Gas 360 webinars have been an unqualified success. We have conducted 10 webinars during this time, engaging the interest of more than 5,400 unique registrants and the participation of over 3,350 unique attendees. Clearly, there is a huge appetite for the information that we present month after month in this webinar series.

Given recent events, there is little wonder that policymakers are searching for alternative solutions to the nation’s environmental and energy challenges. California’s heat waves and wildfires have exposed the vulnerability of the state’s electrical grid at a time when some still advocate for the electrification of all end uses. The winter crisis in Texas provided a stark picture of what happens when systems are not hardened against the extreme weather that is increasingly common in the world of climate change. Finally, attacks by cyber criminals have wreaked havoc on the nation’s gasoline supply. All these incidents indicate the need for a clean, low carbon energy economy that encourages diversity and decentralization, while avoiding dependence on any one energy resource. Not only do we need renewable electrons, but renewable molecules as well.

Many important topics will be presented by the Renewable Gas 360 webinar series as it enters its second year.

Second Year of Renewable Gas 360 Webinars will Present Exciting Topics

The Renewable Gas 360 webinars cover a broad array of topics. We have heard from the authors of a groundbreaking study that asserts that the only way to meet the goal of climate neutrality is to encourage the use of negative carbon energy resources, particularly those obtained by diverting fugitive renewable methane from the atmosphere and using it to replace carbon intensive fuels, like gasoline and diesel. We have learned about the steps that Europe is taking to integrate hydrogen into the energy grid, using the gas as a method of long-term renewable electricity storage. We have listened to energy entrepreneurs discuss how the billions that have been invested in the nation’s gas storage, transportation, and delivery system can be recycled to provide the same function for a future energy economy based on renewable hydrogen.

These and many other important topics will be presented by the Renewable Gas 360 webinar series as it enters its second year. In the coming months, we will learn how fuel cells powered by renewable hydrogen can provide the basis for emergency-hardened reliable power. We will learn about efforts to build an international market for renewable hydrogen, and how these efforts could help accelerate the reduction in the cost of this important fuel. Studies will be presented that detail the dramatic growth in the production and supply of renewable natural gas for transportation, as well as the need to increase demand so the diversion of fugitive methane from the atmosphere can continue. It will be an exciting program that will help provide policymakers with the perspective and data they need to make wise public policy.

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