EPEQ® Electrified Power Equipment® is Your Hard-to-Electrify Solution

April 24, 2024

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With EPEQ® Ready-To-Go Starter Kits and Skids, Vanair® can help you can turn your electric vehicle (EV) into an EV work truck! You can use your vehicle’s onboard battery or opt for the high-performance ELiMENT® LiFePO4 Battery and Battery Management System (BMS) to power: air compressors, hydraulics, welders, engine starters, inverters, and converters. Additionally, EPEQ® Idle Management (EPEQ® IM) reduces or eliminates the unnecessary idling by turning the vehicle on/off based on parameters like run time or battery charge. This technology reduces emissions to meet green initiatives and lowers fuel consumption and operating/maintenance costs.

Learn how to make your EV an EPEQ® work truck at https://vanair.com/epeq-electrified-power-equipment/