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Developing High Power Charging for Fleets

Join this members only ACT Fleet Forum webinar on 10/20 at 11 a.m. PT to learn about leading technology developers who are pushing the boundaries on developing and standardizing charging of 1MW and higher.

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EV Heavy-Duty Truck

Image: SDG&E

Reducing the Cost of Medium- and Heavy-Duty EVs and Speeding up ROI

Watch this EV webinar from ACT News & San Diego Gas & Electric to learn about funding opportunities for deploying EVs.

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How Renewable Gases Can Help Decentralize the Grid: Fuel Cells and Microgrids

Watch this webinar recording discussing how fuel cells and microgrids can help foster a more resilient and reliable electric grid.

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How to Succeed with Pilot and Production-Scale Transit Electric Bus Fleet Deployments – Part 2: From Pilot Project to Large-Scale Deployment

Join this webinar on 10/21 to learn real world insights from Anaheim Transportation Network, a transit fleet that has successfully navigated an EV transition with 46 battery electric buses.

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Electric Transit Bus

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How to Succeed with Pilot and Production-Scale Transit Electric Bus Fleet Deployments – Part 1: The Smart Way to Execute a Successful Pilot

Watch this webinar recording from ACT News & AMPLY to learn key things fleets need to consider when executing a pilot program for succesful EV deployment.

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Image: San Diego Clean Cities Coalition

Small Business Struggles: Busting Down Barriers to Installing EV Infrastructure

Small business fleet operators! Watch this roundtable recording to learn how SDG&E can help you install EV Charging infrastructure for light, medium- & heavy-duty fleets.

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PG&E Electric Fleet

Build an Electric Fleet Strategy with PG&E’s New Fleet Planning Tool

Watch this webinar recording from ACT News and PG&E on how to use the EV Fleet Savings Calculator Tool to maximize your fleet budgets.

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Renewable Gas 360 Webinar 3

Exploring Renewable Hydrogen Production Pathways

Watch the third Renewable Gas 360 webinar recording to learn about promising renewable hydrogen production technologies and how these pathways can be promoted and advanced through sensible public policy.

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EV Bus Charging

Image: SCE

Get Ready to Charge: Designing and Installing Charging Stations that Support Medium- and Heavy-duty EVs

Join ACT News and SCE for a free webinar on 9/10 at 10am PT about how to best work with electric utilities to design effective charging infrastructure sites.

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PG&E Electric Bus Charging

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Electrify Fleet Cost Savings with PG&E’s New Business EV Rates

Watch this webinar recording from ACT News and PG&E on how to reduce energy costs for an EV fleet with PG&E’s new Business EV rates.

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CEC Central Valley

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An Update on Regulations and Funding Programs for Central Valley Fleets

Watch this webinar recording from Valley Fleet Support & ACT News discussing new grants and fleet projects in the Central Valley.

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EV & FCEV Fueling

Image: NACFE

Keeping It Real: Regional Haul, Zero-Emission, Heavy-Duty Tractors

Watch this free webinar from ACT News & NACFE to learn about the suitability of battery electric & hydrogen fuel cell trucks for regional haul fleets.

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Envisioning Hydrogen at a Self-Sustaining Scale

Watch this webinar recording discussing the vision for large scale hydrogen production brought to you by ACT News, CHBC, and sponsors Ballard and Black & Veatch.

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SDG&E Power Your Drive for Fleets Program Educational Webinar

Overcoming EV Roadblocks: How to Maximize Cost Savings for Vehicles, Infrastructure, and Energy

Watch this webinar brough to you by ACT News and San Diego Gas & Electric about funding opportunities that can help your fleet electrify.

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Streamline the Permitting Process When Installing Charging Infrastructure for Medium- and Heavy-Duty EVs

Join ACT News & PG&E on July 23 for a free webinar about navigating the permitting process when installing EV charging infrastructure.

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Tips on How to Design Charging Infrastructure that Supports Current and Future EV Deployments

Watch this webinar recording on how to work with electrical contractors and public utilities to design EV charging infrastructure sites.

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