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EV & FCEV Fueling

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Keeping It Real: Regional Haul, Zero-Emission, Heavy-Duty Tractors

Watch this free webinar from ACT News & NACFE to learn about the suitability of battery electric & hydrogen fuel cell trucks for regional haul fleets.

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Envisioning Hydrogen at a Self-Sustaining Scale

Watch this webinar recording discussing the vision for large scale hydrogen production brought to you by ACT News, CHBC, and sponsors Ballard and Black & Veatch.

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SDG&E Power Your Drive for Fleets Program Educational Webinar

Overcoming EV Roadblocks: How to Maximize Cost Savings for Vehicles, Infrastructure, and Energy

Watch this webinar brough to you by ACT News and San Diego Gas & Electric about funding opportunities that can help your fleet electrify.

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Streamline the Permitting Process When Installing Charging Infrastructure for Medium- and Heavy-Duty EVs

Join ACT News & PG&E on July 23 for a free webinar about navigating the permitting process when installing EV charging infrastructure.

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Tips on How to Design Charging Infrastructure that Supports Current and Future EV Deployments

Watch this webinar recording on how to work with electrical contractors and public utilities to design EV charging infrastructure sites.

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ACT Fleet Forum Webinar Public Charging

Public Fast Charge Network Strategy

On July 29, ACT Fleet Forum will host a discussion with leading EVSEs on their vision and plans for public fast charging for fleets.

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National & State RNG Supply: Increasing Opportunities for Decarbonization

Join this free Renewable Gas 360 Webinar to learn key findings from 2 recent reports that detail how RNG can cost effectively reduce GHG emissions.

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Keep the Power On: Developing an Energy Resiliency Plan For Your EV Fleet

Watch this free 1-hour webinar recording from ACT News & PG&E about developing an energy resiliency plan for your EV fleet.

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Preparing for an EV Fleet: Calculating Total Cost of Ownership

Join ACT News & PG&E on 6/23 at 1 pm for a free webinar on budgeting and total cost of operation considerations for fleets prepping for an EV Fleet application.

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LCFS Program

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How OEMS and Dealers can Leverage the LCFS Program to Increase EV Sales

Calling EV OEMs, dealers, & fleet operators! Watch this webinar recording to learn how to leverage California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) program.

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Renewable Gas 360 Webinar Series

Getting to Neutral – The Importance of Renewable Gases in Decarbonizing Society

Join us on Wednesday, 6/17 for the first webinar in the Renewable Gas 360 webinar series, brought to you by SoCalGas, PG&E, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, Southwest Gas, and NW Natural.

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Central Valley

Image: Unsplash

A Snapshot of Central Valley Fleet Regulations and Incentives

Watch this ACT News webinar recording on current and emerging key rules, regulations, funding programs, & other support available for Central Valley fleets.

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Renewable Hydrogen Production and Infrastructure for Freight

Watch this webinar recording by the California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC) and ACT News on renewable hydrogen production and infrastructure for transit, trucking, cargo handling equipment fleets.

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How to Create a Competitive Funding Application – Part 2

Watch this recording of a webinar hosted in collaboration with Pacific Gas & Electric Company to learn how fleets can maximize earning potential and secure state funding by using clean energy vehicles.

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Generating Revenue with California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) – Part 1

Watch this two-part webinar series, hosted in collaboration with Pacific Gas & Electric Company, to learn how fleets can maximize earning potential and secure state funding by using clean energy vehicles.

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The Unpaved Road to Commercializing Battery Electric Freight Trucks

Watch a recording of this webinar to gain insights from the Volvo LIGHTS team on how to pave the way for successful deployment of electric trucks.

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