Run on Less – Electric DEPOT Bootcamp #3: Electric Truck Developments

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Truck OEMs and their component suppliers continue to mature the performance, cost, reliability, durability and specification availability of their trucks. Experts will share future enhancements and anticipated timing.
Watch this one-hour webinar to:
  • Understand the scope of where electric trucks are today and where there is room for future improvements
  • Explore potential impacts new technologies will have on existing infrastructure
  • Learn what new technologies are being considered
  • Gain insight into the timing of the roll-out of new technologies

Chad Burchett

Chief Technology Officer


Jessie Lund

Truck Program Manager


Rick Mihelic

Director of Emerging Technologies

North American Council for Freight Efficiency

Ben Sharpe

Senior Researcher and Canada Lead

International Council on Clean Transportation

Matt Wetta

National Account Manager, Alternative Powertrain