Save While Electrifying Your Work Truck Fleet

Just one year after making its North American debut, the versatile Ford E-Transit van is establishing itself as a leader in the all-electric cargo van market. Alongside the top-selling Ford F-150 Lightning, Ford is leading its class in sales of electric work trucks. Hear what this established vehicle manufacturer can tell us about the quickly growing future of the electric vehicle market and putting a network in place to support its fleet operators. 

Watch this 1-hour webinar to learn about: 

  • How to save money when installing the EV infrastructure needed to power these vehicles
  • Ford Pro’s current and future electric truck and van line up  
  • Best practices for charging and monitoring your fleet

Tim O’Neill

Account Executive, Electric Vehicle Onboarding

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Joel Torr

Head of Business Development, Charging

Ford Pro, North America