Onsite Power for EVs: Fast, Affordable, Available

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Onsite power generation technologies empower EV fleets with greater autonomy, cost-effectiveness, and speed. These advantages position fleets strategically in a rapidly evolving landscape of electrified transportation.

Mainspring Energy, provider of the innovative Linear Generator, and DEIF, an industry-leading microgrid control supplier, takes an in-depth look at the challenges of EV deployments and the proven opportunity of onsite power generation, providing technical insights on power generation technologies and their role in EV infrastructure and the future of sustainable transportation. DEIF shares its expertise in configuring EV sites and communicating in EV settings.

This webinar goes beyond the basics, digging into specific considerations when deploying onsite power that may be unique to EV projects.

Watch this 1-hour recording to gain an understanding of:

  • The need for onsite power generation for EVs
  • The criteria and options available when selecting onsite power generation technologies
  • Techniques to add resiliency, deploy infrastructure faster, and maximize economic value

Anders Thulin

Senior Originator, EV programs

Mainspring Energy

David Stringer

Senior Business Development Manager