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Colorado State University: Biofuels Show Promise for Replacing Fossil Fuels

September 1, 2020A new study led by Colorado State University – including an interdisciplinary team of plant scientists, ecologists and engineers – has predicted significant climate benefits stemming from the use of advanced biofuel technologies.

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Ford, Bedrock and Bosch exploring highly automated vehicle technology in Detroit to help make parking easier

August 27, 2020Ford Motor Company, Bedrock and Bosch are launching a demonstration project with connected Ford Escape test vehicles that can drive and park themselves inside Bedrock’s Assembly Garage in Detroit using Bosch smart infrastructure.

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Experts: Don’t Leave Consumers Out of Autonomy Equation

August 26, 2020To make AVs less complicated to new buyers, Consumer Reports’ Kelly Funkhouser has been involved in developing standardized naming conventions for these automated features, so consumers, manufacturers and dealers all speak the same language.

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Schneider, Navistar and Volvo Trucks announce electric vehicle initiatives

August 26, 2020Electric vehicle news came quickly on Wednesday, with three major industry players making important announcements, topped off by Schneider National’s announcement that it will begin an electric-truck test program.

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More insight into the messy sustainable middle

August 26, 2020GNA’s latest report covers diesel and gasoline vehicles — which serve as the benchmark for emerging technologies such as natural gas vehicles, propane-powered vehicles, battery-electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

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RNG’s Growing Role in Decarbonization Strategies

August 26, 2020Today, we know that the industrialization of our modern society has led to unintended consequences for our environment. Many of the means through which we power our buildings, drive our cars, and heat our spaces can have a negative impact on the planet, and on the health of those we care about.

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Here’s where electric trucks make sense

August 25, 2020If you operate a regional-haul trucking fleet in California or the Northeast, it’s time to start considering electric trucks. That is a high-level takeaway from a new report released on Monday by the North American Council on Freight Efficiency and its project partner, the Rocky Mountain Institute.

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Business Aviation Coalition releases new sustainable aviation fuel guide; CAAFI new member

August 21, 2020The Business Aviation Coalition for Sustainable Aviation Fuel released a new informational guide detailing how industry leaders can incorporate sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) into their operations and accelerate the adoption of low-carbon fuels, while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen could be the final piece in a zero-emissions future

August 19, 2020Renewables-generated electricity and battery energy storage can eliminate most power system greenhouse gas emissions, especially in the near term.

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ACT Virtual Kicking Off with Tech Demos, Press Events, Video Networking and More

August 14, 2020On Tuesday, August 18, ACT Expo organizers are kicking off a brand-new online event experience.

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How fuel cell and electric trucks could impact regional haul

August 13, 2020Industry experts share the results from the 2019 Run On Less Regional event and how electrification and hydrogen fuel cell technology can enter the regional haul market.

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Study: Special engines, fuels could cut air emissions, water use

August 12, 2020Advanced fuels and new engine designs could reduce emissions and water use over the next 30 years, according for a new study led by Argonne scientists.

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Sustainability Key Motivator for Early Fleet Adopters of Clean Vehicle Technologies

August 12, 2020While diesel and gasoline engines will still be the main power source for commercial vehicles for the next decade, fleets are now testing and buying sustainable vehicle technologies in record numbers.


Autonomous Convoy Developer Locomation Completes Initial Phase of Fleet Testing

August 12, 2020Autonomous vehicle startup Locomation and 1,000-truck, 48-state carrier Wilson Logistics have successfully completed an eight-day trial of a new semi-autonomous truck-convoy technology that transported 14 commercial loads between Portland, Oregon and Nampa, Idaho.


New report analyzes real-world performance of 100 e-buses in hot and cold weather

August 11, 2020How does the weather affect the performance of electric buses in real-world operation? Telematics specialist ViriCiti looked into that question, analyzing over 100 e-buses in the Netherlands over the course of several seasons and months.

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Emission impossible: how the Covid-19 crisis is impacting IMO 2020 enforcement

August 11, 2020IMO regulations governing the sulphur content of marine fuels came into force earlier this year, but what impact has the Covid-19 pandemic had in ports’ ability to enforce the new rules? Beth Bradley, a maritime law specialist and partner at commercial law firm Hill Dickinson, explains more.

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