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Penske adds fast chargers for more electric trucks

April 25, 2019Penske celebrated the announcement of its new electric vehicle commercial charging capabilities at its La Mirada facility during a livestream ribbon-cutting event.

Clean Cities Coalitions Celebrate 25 Years of Building the Right Partnerships to Scale Solutions

April 24, 2019In its 25th year, the Clean Cities Coalition recognizes the key to its undeniable success—working one-on-one with local fleet managers to understand their operational needs and develop cost effective solutions.

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Nikola Details Ambitious Plan for Hydrogen and Service Network

April 22, 2019Fuel cell truck developer Nikola knows its future is tied directly to its ability to provide hydrogen fuel to its customers, and it has a plan that could bring hydrogen to the masses.

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The Role of Microgrids in a Resilient Energy Future

April 17, 2019Interest in microgrid projects has grown in the past five years, presenting valuable energy management opportunities for EV fleets.

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Expo Hall at ACT Expo

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ACT Expo – The Largest Clean Fleet Event Returns to Southern California

April 11, 2019ACT Expo showcases the applications of the latest transportation technologies, drivetrains, and clean fuels.

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How Cooperative Leasing and Purchasing Can Electrify Public Fleets

April 11, 2019The Electrification Coalition and the Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative are working together to accelerate the deployment of EV fleets in public agencies.

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ACT Expo 2019: Speaker Line Up Announced

April 2, 2019The 2019 ACT Expo will bring together over 200 industry expert speakers through a series of workshops, technical sessions, and co-located partner events.

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EXECUTIVE INTERVIEW: AMPLY Power is Simplifying Fleet Electrification

March 27, 2019ACT News interview with Vic Shao, Founder & CEO of AMPLY Power, on how his company is aiming to simplify electric vehicle charging for fleet operators by offering a “charging-as-a-service” approach.

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Making Sense of the Charging Infrastructure Needs for Electric Vehicles

March 26, 2019Planning, cooperation and time will make charging for CBEVs a reality. There are some common steps and considerations any fleet can use to help ensure they get the right charging system for their needs.

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Is the Vision of Commercial Fleet Nirvana Right Around the Corner?

March 18, 2019As electric trucks begin rolling off the factory line this year, will they achieve market penetration? What can we learn from past technologies?

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ACT 101: What is Electricity and What are its Risks as a Fuel?

March 14, 2019What is electricity and what are its risks as a fuel? These questions are important as fleets increasingly look to electrify their vehicles.

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Energy Independence Summit 2019

Clean Transportation Leaders Engage Congress at Annual Energy Independence Summit

March 7, 2019The Annual Energy Independence Summit brings together a diverse array of stakeholders in the clean transportation and alternative fuel industries.

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Medium- & Heavy-Duty Electric Vehicle Charging Roadmap

Join us for a complimentary ACT News webinar on April 4 presented in partnership with the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE).

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The High Cost of Fuel for EV Fleets

February 21, 2019The costs associated with charging a truck are vastly different and can be highly variable compared to traditional gaseous fuels.

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EV options have increased

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EV Procurement: A Culture Shift for Light-Duty Fleets in 2019

January 31, 2019The light-duty EV market offers multiple options, making 2019 the prime year for fleets to include them in procurement plans.

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EV Charging Infrastructure Workshop

EV Charging Infrastructure Workshop Series at ACT Expo

January 23, 2019ACT Expo will host a five-part workshop series focused on EV charging infrastructure, from the utility side to construction to network providers.

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