Tips on How to Design Charging Infrastructure that Supports Current and Future EV Deployments

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As fleets deploy medium- and heavy-duty EVs, there are critical decisions about the design of charging infrastructure that will help ensure it accommodates short- and long-term needs. Working with the utility and electrical contractor early in the electrification process streamlines installation, and can ensure that the utility-side and customer-side infrastructure are optimized and compatible with your EVs.

Watch this webinar recording to gain insight into:

  • Necessary factors to consider when designing an EV charging site.
  • Planning for site upgrades to support future EV deployments.
  • Common design issues to avoid that may result in delays or added costs.

This is the first installment of a two-part webinar series on designing and optimizing EV charging infrastructure. CLICK HERE to watch the recording for Webinar 2, “Streamline the Permitting Process When Installing EV Charging Infrastructure for Medium- and Heavy-Duty EVs.”

Justin Cheung

Project Manager


Robert Francis

Project Manager

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