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CNG semi trucks in severe rainstorm and snowstorm

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Critical Role of CNG for Fleet Resiliency from Severe Weather Events

February 22, 2022The natural gas pipeline is not only reliable, it is relatively unaffected by extreme weather and can provide continued fueling for a CNG fleet during these events.


illustration of H2 Hydrogen Molecule with Gas Pump in bubble

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US Gain Enters Partnership To Supply RNG For Hydrogen Production

February 16, 2022U.S. Gain recently announced that its renewable natural gas supply will be used as a feedstock into hydrogen production, enabling a greener fueling solution for the California transportation market.

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Six Tritium electric car chargers lined up

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States Get Go-Ahead to Build Electric Car Charging Stations

February 16, 2022States are getting the go-ahead to build a nationwide network of electric vehicle charging stations that would place new or upgraded ones every 50 miles along interstate highways as part of the Biden administration’s plan to spur widespread adoption of the zero-emission cars.

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Electric truck. Grass truck with a wire and a plug from the sock

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Educate Your Fleet on Electrification Funding

February 16, 2022While there are still some questions surrounding fleet electrification, more and more case studies are showing that this evolving clean technology can be applied to several types of on-road fleets.

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White semi-truck on the highway delivering freight

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Tapping into California’s Clean Fleet Funding

ACT News and a trio of California utilities discuss how to stack funding opportunities to reduce your vehicle and infrastructure electrification costs.

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Blue container trucks arranged in line. 3D rendering image.

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The Rapidly Evolving Global Movement Towards Transportation Decarbonization

February 9, 2022The global market offers insight into how North America can address environmental challenges and integrate the advanced technologies needed to improve regional air quality and reduce climate pollutants.

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Six Tritium electric car chargers lined up

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Biden to Announce EV Charger Plant Will Be Built in Tennessee

February 8, 2022President Joe Biden and Tritium DCFC Ltd. CEO Jane Hunter will announce that the Australian electric-vehicle charging company plans to build its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Tennessee.

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blue and grey extended transit bus

Image: GCRTA

Upgrading Fueling Stations for the Future

February 2, 2022With a large and growing fleet of CNG buses, GCRTA worked with their long-time fueling vendor, Trillium, to upgrade its fueling facilities in order to accommodate its expanding fleet.

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Gevo Brings RNG for Vehicles Project Online in Iowa

February 1, 2022Gevo, Inc. has begun the process of bringing its wholly owned dairy manure-based renewable natural gas plant online.

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battery electric bus on road that charges vehicles

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First U.S. Mile of Wireless EV Charging Road Coming to Detroit

February 1, 2022The first mile of a wireless electric vehicle charging public road in the United States will be built in the Motor City.

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Energy car concept, car charge battery on station

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Local Communities Will Lead the Way on Electrification

February 1, 2022While there are increasing commitments globally and nationally, much of the implementation work will need to continue at the local level to meet the ambitious targets to accelerate electrification.

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Group of business partner looking for the future

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GNA Welcomes New Partners to Lead Firm’s Future

January 31, 2022GNA, a leading firm for clean transportation consulting, marketing and communications, and event production, recently promoted six of its top division leaders to partners in the firm

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Daimler, NextEra Energy, BlackRock Commit to U.S. Public Charging Infrastructure

January 31, 2022Daimler Truck North America, NextEra Energy Resources, and BlackRock Renewable Power have signed a memorandum of understanding to lay the foundation for a proposed joint venture to design, develop, install, and operate a nationwide, high-performance charging network for medium- and heavy-duty battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

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Hydrogen pump to dispense the fuel

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How Proper Fittings Can Improve the Performance of Hydrogen Fuel Systems

January 19, 2022As research into hydrogen fuel cell vehicles intensifies, it is critical to acknowledge the challenge of developing safe, reliable fuel cells and how new fitting options offer specific design characteristics that make them ideal for hydrogen applications.

illustration of a electric vehicle charging station

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Cyclum to Construct Network of Renewable Fuel Truck Stops

January 12, 2022Cyclum Renewables has plans to construct a national network of renewable fuel truck stops powered by renewable natural gas.

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white hatchback car charging at an electric vehicle charging station

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Eaton, Shell Step Up EV Charging Infrastructure Efforts

January 7, 2022Eaton Corp. and Shell Electric Mobility separately announced charging initiatives intended to accelerate the market for zero-emission electric trucks.

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