Why Renewable Propane?

April 11, 2019

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You may be asking yourself how ironic is it for me to be discussing renewable propane, as we in the US sit here today atop the world’s largest supply of conventional propane. That’s without mentioning the potential future supplies of conventional propane growing rapidly. Even more ironic, then, is the direct use of conventional propane used in the ultra-low NOx modern engines and highly-efficient appliances of today already offering the lowest total emissions footprint available. Add to that the marginal investment for infrastructure and fueling systems, and the cost per ton of emissions reduction is best in class.

Offering Solutions for Tomorrow and Beyond

So, if conventional propane already provides low emissions at a low cost, why are we even talking about renewable propane? The answer is simple. It’s because the propane industry does not want to be just the fuel of today, or the bridge fuel to tomorrow.  We want to offer solutions for 2020, 2030, and 2050. And to offer solutions well into the future, a renewable fuel is the minimum ticket to enter the race.

We want to offer solutions for 2020, 2030, and 2050. And to offer solutions well into the future, a renewable fuel is the minimum ticket to enter the race.

Meeting the World’s Demand

Today, renewable propane comes from the output of biodiesel refineries and, using the normal inputs of used cooking oil or animal tallow, produces a fuel identical in composition to propane with an average carbon intensity of 30. Worldwide output is currently estimated at 100MMgal.  Add in new cellulosic sources and many experts say the entire world-wide demand can be met with renewable propane by 2040.

As we set out to investigate our renewable future we had many goals: plentiful feedstock, low carbon intensity, and reasonable pricing to the end users. We recently visited with the users of renewable propane in Europe and Asia. We saw first-hand how customers were using renewable propane to great environmental benefit and with great operational performance.

To be sure, this is only the beginning. We will continue to innovate.

An Innovative, Near-Zero Solution

To be relevant in a fast-changing world, you must innovate.  And our customers — fleet operators that have irregular routes, a need for range, and high payloads — will benefit from that innovation, whether it’s in better engines or in hybrid applications.

Driving them to near-zero, renewable propane is the calling card to the future of fleets.

The Propane Education and Research Council will be hosting a workshop at the ninth annual ACT Expo. Join the workshop on Tuesday, April 23rd to hear from industry experts as they share insights on the latest in vehicle technology, advancements in renewable propane, and programs available to support the deployment of propane autogas as a sustainable and cost-effective solution for commercial fleets.

After the workshop, join ACT Expo and PERC at this year’s fourth annual ACT Expo Fleet Awards to celebrate the industry’s leading fleet operators. Attend the special awards ceremony to recognize fleets that demonstrate true leadership in clean transportation. Enjoy cocktails, gourmet bites, and live entertainment while networking with award-winning operators across all fleet applications.