Fuel / Technology: Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Climate Change and White House

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Facts Not Furor: What the 2020 Candidates Should Be Focused On

August 5, 2019Close to two dozen Democrats took to podiums to share their vision for America. Their discussion on climate change glossed over a very real and pressing environmental and public health truth.

Natural Gas Vehicles for America (NGVAmerica)

Regional Haul Truck

Factors Align to Make Regional Haul a Perfect Alt. Fuel Fit

July 29, 2019Regional haul is growing for a number of reasons including drivers’ desire to be home more often, the rise of e-commerce, and the advent of technologies such as GPS, load-matching, and big data.

North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE)

Moving on from LNG Myths

July 26, 2019Stakeholder engagement through in-person LNG demonstrations are an effective tool to frame how LNG can be safely handled, stored, and transported.

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA)

The Promise (and Potential Pitfall) of VW Settlement Funding

July 10, 2019Fortunately, the first round of VW funds was not a flash-in-the-pan. However, should states fail to consider fleets’ recommendations for the next rounds of funding, the Volkswagen Settlement Funds may be a one-hit-wonder.

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA)

IMO Regulation and its Unknown Impact to Shipping

The Impending IMO Regulation and its Unknown Impact to Shipping

July 2, 2019A looming IMO regulation will require all ocean-going vessels to burn fuel containing no more than 0.5% sulfur. Is the world ready for this massive transition?

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA)


We Know How to Nearly Eliminate Emissions at the Ports…Will They Listen?

June 27, 2019Based on a feasibility study, near-zero emission natural gas drayage trucks are a key component to achieve clean air at the ports—starting today and without compromise.

California Natural Gas Vehicle Partnership

Alternative Fuel Natural Gas UPS Truck

The “Ready Now” Alternative Fuel

June 17, 2019UPS’ significant investment sends a clear statement that RNG is a trusted, “ready now” solution to reducing emissions.

Fleet Owner

Roger Nielsen Speaking at ACT Expo

Clean Transportation Solutions from ACT Expo 2019

May 15, 2019The innovations and technologies at ACT Expo demonstrated the significant increase in investment in advanced clean technologies and fuels for the commercial fleet sector.

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2019 ACT Expo Fleet Awards

April 30, 2019ACT Expo Fleet Awards are the ultimate recognition of fleets and individuals who show true leadership in transportation, having gone above and beyond what has been required to tirelessly pursue sustainability in their fleet operations.

ACT Expo

Women in ACT Panel

Women in ACT: Implementing Innovation with a Diverse Workforce

April 29, 2019Ford Motor Company presented Women in ACT on Wednesday morning, a workshop that focused on why women are a critical component of the winning formula needed in today’s advanced clean transportation industry.

ACT Expo

Truck for Regional Haul

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Growth of Regional Haul Could Present Opportunities

April 25, 2019NACFE recently released a new report, Regional Haul: An Opportunity for Trucking that looks at this growing market segment.

North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE)

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Commercial Fleets to Benefit from Launch of LAZER Initiative to Reduce Emissions and Cut Costs

April 24, 2019GNA and UCR’s CE-CERT collaborate to support organizations in evaluating the real-world economic and environmental benefits of advanced transportation technologies in commercial fleet applications.

ACT Expo

Clean Cities Coalitions Celebrate 25 Years of Building the Right Partnerships to Scale Solutions

April 24, 2019In its 25th year, the Clean Cities Coalition recognizes the key to its undeniable success—working one-on-one with local fleet managers to understand their operational needs and develop cost effective solutions.

ACT Expo

Expo Hall at ACT Expo

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ACT Expo – The Largest Clean Fleet Event Returns to Southern California

April 11, 2019ACT Expo showcases the applications of the latest transportation technologies, drivetrains, and clean fuels.

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ACT Expo 2019: A New Workshop Helps Fleets Meet the Vehicle Maintenance Challenges Ahead

March 27, 2019A new ACT Expo workshop covers how to successfully recruit, train, and develop teams to support commercial transportation's evolving workforce needs.

ACT Expo

Natural Gas Vehicles, Engines, and Solution Providers to Convene at the 2019 ACT Expo

March 25, 2019ACT Expo is hosting its ninth annual event next month, April 22 through 26, showcasing the latest natural gas and alternative fuel technologies from cutting-edge exhibitors, technology providers, and content-rich sessions.

ACT Expo