Fuel / Technology: Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Optimism for Post-Pandemic Natural Gas Fuel for Mobility

May 26, 2020The International Energy Agency recently released its report — 2020 Global Energy Review — which states energy demand will fall 6% in 2020. This represents the largest decline in 70 years in percentage terms, the largest ever decline in absolute terms, and seven times the decline after the 2008 global financial crisis.

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California Fleets: Carl Moyer Deadline Extended

May 15, 2020The application deadline for the Carl Moyer and Surplus Off-Road Opt-In for NOx programs (#PA2020-03 and #PA2020-04) is now extended to August 4 at 1 p.m. PST.

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SCS approved as verification body for California LCFS

May 14, 2020SCS Global Services, a leading global third-party verifier of environmental claims, is now approved by the California Air Resources Board as a verification body for the Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

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TCEQ Funds the Texas Clean Fleet Program

May 12, 2020The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality says up to $7.7 million in grants is being made available to encourage entities that operate large fleets of vehicles in Texas to replace diesel-powered vehicles with alternative fuel or hybrid vehicles.

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Chart Industries joins LNG Marine Fuel Institute

May 8, 2020The LNG Marine Fuel Institute announced the membership of Chart Industries to a growing coalition of companies committed to LNG as the primary marine fuel in the transition to carbon-free shipping.

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Three KC LNG refueling tankers unload their payload.

New Mobile Technology Allows to Quadruple LNG Bunkering Capacity

April 29, 2020KC LNG has developed a trailer-mounted manifold that allows bunkering from up to four tank trailers (of any type) at once, quadrupling the capacity.

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Aerial perspective of a port in Oman.

Sohar, first Middle Eastern port joining SEA-LNG coalition

April 23, 2020SEA-LNG, the multi-sector industry coalition created to accelerate the widespread adoption of LNG, has welcomed Sohar Port and Freezone as its first Middle Eastern port member.

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Image of a Clean Energy brand CNG fueling station.

VW Settlement, Market Momentum Boost California Clean Truck Projects

April 15, 2020The producer of ACT Expo talks tailwinds and headwinds facing alternative fuel vehicle programs in the wake of coronavirus pandemic.

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One of the Most Eco-Friendly Ships on the Baltic Sea Under Construction

April 14, 2020Tallink Grupp announced the construction of its newest eco-friendly LNG-powered shuttle ferry, MyStar, at the Rauma Marine Constructions shipyard in Rauma, Finland.

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Image of a row of parked battery electric waste management trucks at a charging station.

How Two Fleets Set and Achieved Sustainability Goals

April 14, 2020Fleets interested in adopting sustainability goals have many factors to consider. There are a variety of alternative fuels to choose from, and there is no ideal or prevailing option that works for all fleets.

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Total Will Deploy First LNG-Powered VLCC Vessels in 2022

April 13, 2020Total signed an agreement to charter its first two LNG-powered VLCCs. The vessels, which are able to carry about 300,000 tons of crude oil each, will be delivered in 2022.

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Bloomberg proposes national clean-truck voucher program

January 22, 2020Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg wants to put back in place higher standards for truck emissions with the goal of electrifying 15% of the heavy-duty fleet by 2030.

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Massive R&D needed to decarbonize deep-sea shipping beyond 2050

January 15, 2020Oceangoing vessels challenge scale of newly introduced carbon-free power technologies for short-sea shipping and ferries.

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Transportation Heavy Hitters Form ACT Fleet Forum

January 9, 2020Major U.S.-based fleets have joined together to form the ACT Fleet Forum, an educational initiative that allows participants to share best practices on clean transportation technologies.

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House Passes Bill That Includes Alternative Fuel Tax Credits

December 19, 2019The House passed a tax extenders package that includes an extension of the $0.50/gallon alternative fuel excise tax credit, along with other measures important for clean-fuel transportation.

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Shell Looks at the Future of Fuel

November 27, 2019The company is making a compelling case for the future of new fuel and powertrain technologies.  

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