Commercial Fleets to Benefit from Launch of LAZER Initiative to Reduce Emissions and Cut Costs

April 24, 2019

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GNA and UCR’s CE-CERT collaborate to support organizations in evaluating the real-world economic and environmental benefits of advanced transportation technologies in commercial fleet applications.

Gladstein, Neandross and Associates (GNA) and the University of California at Riverside’s Bourns College of Engineering – Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT) just announced the launch of the Low and Zero Emission Readiness (LAZER) Initiative. This new collaboration will support organizations—including transit agencies, refuse operations, trucking carriers, delivery fleets, school districts, municipalities, and more—in evaluating the real-world economic and environmental benefits of advanced transportation technologies.

Across the nation, commercial fleets are increasingly turning to new advanced vehicle technologies and alternative fuels in order to reduce costs and emissions.  The development and use of battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell, natural gas, propane, renewable fuels, autonomous and connected technologies continues to expand at an accelerated pace.

With an ever-increasing number of technology and fuel choices in the market, the LAZER Initiative will help these commercial fleet operators and their suppliers to validate the economic, environmental and operational impacts of these advanced technology platforms and alternative fuel powertrains on a full life-cycle basis.  Confirming an equivalent or lower total cost of ownership, combined with proven environmental benefits, will assist not only end-users and suppliers, but policymakers and other industry stakeholders alike.

The initiative brings together two global leaders with unique and complimentary skill sets. Working with North America’s largest commercial fleets, vehicle manufacturers, industry suppliers and other industry stakeholders, GNA has helped to spearhead the development of some of the largest clean transportation projects to date, bringing significant real-world experience working with commercial fleets to help them achieve their economic and environmental sustainability goals. CE-CERT is recognized around the world for their engine and vehicle emissions measurement and research, and is the premier testing laboratory for in-use vehicle performance and activity data collection on the West Coast.

“We are excited to expand upon our capabilities and work side-by-side with the CE-CERT team to offer laboratory and in-use emissions testing to further validate the performance and durability of vehicles as their use in commercial fleet operations is increased,” said Erik Neandross, Chief Executive Officer of GNA.

“When introducing a new product to the market, very significant capital investments are required for research, development, testing, optimization, and certification,” said Kent Johnson, research faculty for CE-CERT. “The LAZER initiative will provide OEMs with unique access to CE-CERT’s world class laboratories and a team of technical experts that can help design and implement durability and emissions test protocols, identify compliance and reporting requirements, and navigate the approval process required to commercialize engines, fuels, hybrid-drive systems and after-treatment technologies.”

GNA and CE-CERT have a long history of working together on projects for a range of leading public and private organizations, including several active projects on behalf of the South Coast Air Quality Management District and the Port of Long Beach.

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