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Image: Shell

Shell, Penske Partner to Aid Decarbonization, Sustainability

June 2, 2021Shell Oil Company, Penske and Team Penske are collaborating to offer customers an integrated solution to help address emissions across multiple touchpoints in their supply chains, from warehouse facilities, vehicle and fleet technologies to sustainable transportation routes.

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Fuel Cell Trucks Poised for More Fleet Buy-In

June 1, 2021As pilot tests for hydrogen-powered trucks ramp up in the U.S., trucking companies will have to decide if fuel cells are right for their fleet.

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Port of Long Beach Exempts Natural Gas Trucks from Impending Emissions Fee

May 28, 2021The Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners approved an exemption from the Clean Truck Fund Rate “for the cleanest” natural-gas-powered trucks, according to an announcement Monday. The rate, which has been set at $10 per 20-foot equivalent unit for any non-zero-emissions truck at the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles, has...

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ACT Expo Webinar Series

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ACT Expo Webinar Series Charts Sustainable, Connected Future

May 27, 2021ACT Expo and ACT News to co-host webinar series leading up to 10th Annual ACT Expo taking place from August 30 to September 2 in Long Beach.

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How Electric Taxis and Fleets Can Speed Decarbonization

May 25, 2021High-mileage fleets, such as taxis and hire cars, have an outsized influence on emissions. They drive 4 times more miles than the average car, so the quicker they switch to electric, the better it will be for the planet. Electrifying these fleets therefore should be a priority.

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Image: VIA Metropolitan Transit

Fleet Spotlight: VIA Metropolitan Transit Replaces Aging Fleet and Charts New CNG Path Forward

May 24, 2021With a fleet of over 400 CNG buses fueled by North America’s largest CNG station, VIA leads in reducing emissions while saving in fuel costs.

Image: Craig Adderley via Pexels

New Regulations Target Truck Emissions at Southern California Warehouses

May 24, 2021A process four years in the making to regulate the emissions of truck traffic in and out of Southern California warehouses reached its end earlier this month with the adoption of a new rule that the warehouse industry says will ratchet up costs in the sector.

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Image: Volvo Trucks

Two Important Steps Toward Electric Vehicle Adoption

May 20, 2021While we are moving into the electric future, internal combustion engines (ICE) will still be powering at least some trucks for a while longer. And there is still room for those trucks to produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions and improve fuel economy.

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Image: Paul Brennan via Pixabay

5 Innovators Making the EV Batteries More Sustainable

May 18, 2021EVs will be vital in reducing air pollution and meeting climate change goals. To achieve this, the International Energy Agency forecasts that global EV stock will need to grow by 36 percent a year, reaching 245 million vehicles in 2030.

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Image: Great Plains Institute

Minnesotans Weigh In on Vehicle Electrification Priorities, Barriers

May 18, 2021Electric vehicle charging opportunities should be prioritized as a strategy as Minnesota embraces transportation electrification, according to participants of a public engagement session held May 17.

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Fleets invest in technologies that lead to a cleaner future

May 17, 2021About 75% of the fleets are investing in idle reduction technologies, up from about 65% in 2019. Idling wastes fuel, pure and simple. However, we can’t just tell drivers to shut off the engine when the truck is not moving, especially if the driver is taking their mandated break in the sleeper.

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Image: Schneider

Schneider Targets 60% Drop in CO2 Emissions per Mile by 2035

May 14, 2021Schneider National is driving toward a 7.5% reduction of CO2 emissions per mile by 2025 and a 60% reduction of CO2 emissions per mile by 2035.

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Port cities are key to reducing maritime carbon emissions

May 10, 2021Port cities offer a vital — and overlooked — way to help decarbonize the global economy. The maritime sector has been seen as a laggard in decarbonizing, but port cities are perfectly positioned to help catalyze a reduction in shipping emissions

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Sustainable airline fuels are coming to aviation

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Airlines Get Lift from Corporate Allies in Shift to Sustainable Fuels

May 5, 2021Some of the world’s biggest corporations are signing on to help decarbonize the aviation industry just as business travel is expected to rebound this year and send greenhouse gas emissions soaring.

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Image: Volvo Group

SuperTruck 3: A Super Way to Speed EV Development

May 5, 2021The third SuperTruck project, focused on zero-emission trucks, will utilize $100 million to fund both medium- and heavy-duty trucks across duty cycles and vocations, pushing the industry closer to its goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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Charge Hero EV Bus

Image: MCI

Silicon Valley commuters should return to work in electric buses

May 5, 2021Some Silicon Valley employers have been eagerly waiting for an electric version of a popular commuter bus from Belgian bus maker Van Hool; its coaches make up a good portion of fleets for tech companies including Google and Facebook.

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