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Image: Frito-Lay

Frito-Lay Replaces All Diesel Vehicles at Facility With Cleaner Tech

March 24, 2021Frito-Lay has largely completed the transformation of a snack food facility in California to use zero-emission and near-zero-emission technologies for production and transportation.

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Trucking’s relationship with environmental justice

March 24, 2021In the not too distant past, sustainability and environmental justice were not factored into truck making or buying decisions. Lately, however, there has been an increased awareness of the costs and benefits of sustainability.

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Electric truck road tests uncover OEM challenges

March 23, 2021Fleets and OEMs testing commercial electric truck viability in the U.S. are learning some hard lessons along the way and have found it will be an ongoing challenge to roll out a nationwide charging network.

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New SAF from Food Waste Promises Net-Zero Emissions

March 22, 2021A team of researchers at the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have developed a type of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) derived from food waste that promises to result in net-zero or even negative net emissions from airliners.

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Image: Bloomberg News

Elizabeth Warren, AOC Lay Down Green Transit Plan for Biden

March 19, 2021Progressives in the House and Senate plan to set down a marker March 18 for President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plans, introducing a $500 billion proposal to shift U.S. transportation away from fossil fuels.

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Image: LaGuardia Airport

FAA releases Environmental Impact Statement on LaGuardia AirTrain project

March 19, 2021The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released its Final Environmental Impact Statement Wednesday (FEIS) concerning the LaGuardia Airport Access Improvement Project or AirTrain.

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Trucking testifies on ‘range anxiety,’ other obstacles to zero-emission vehicles

March 18, 2021Trucking interests briefed lawmakers Wednesday on the feasibility of getting to a zero-emissions vehicle world by 2050 — one of President Joe Biden’s climate goals — as Republicans reiterated their vow to keep climate change policy away from the next infrastructure package.

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Image: (House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee via YouTube

FedEx, Stakeholders: Investments, Partnerships Key to Tackling Climate Change

March 18, 2021Investing in infrastructure and adopting policies that enhance the movement of freight would help address the country’s climate change concerns, the head of FedEx Corp. told federal transportation policymakers March 17.

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Image: EV Connect

EV Connect Pilots Vehicle-to-Grid Charging Project In Midwest

March 16, 2021EV Connect provides its innovative electric vehicle charging management solution and 500 kW bi-directional bus-scale superchargers. The extended test case aims to generate rich data on overall battery life, the number of available cycles and an understanding of discharge rates to assist companies in the EV ecosystem in determining how V2G will impact their products...

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Image: Etsy

Etsy takes aim at shipping and packaging in setting 2030 net-zero goal

March 16, 2021For Etsy, the e-commerce marketplace known for handmade items like jewelry, art and apparel, Scope 3 emissions make up 99 percent of the company’s carbon footprint.

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Image: Hamilton Street Railway

Canadian city of Hamilton adds Ontario’s first carbon-negative bus

March 16, 2021The city of Hamilton and Enbridge Gas publicly announce the first renewable natural gas bus in Ontario. Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) is now the first public transportation authority in Ontario to use this renewable fuel to transport customers.

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Image: Genentech

Sustainable mobility drives the newest employee perk

March 15, 2021But over the past few years, the company has aggressively built out an electric commuter shuttle program for its employees, as well as developed other sustainable mobility offerings such as easy access to carpooling, transit services and ferry lines.

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Image: Daimler AG

10 challenges and opportunities ahead as fleets embrace zero-emissions

March 11, 2021Trucking’s ZE future is near — but not that close. Penske’s Paul Rosa recently detailed some of the challenges and opportunities ahead during the historic trucking industry transformation that is just getting started.

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Image: FEV

FEV offers comprehensive environmental testing for electric powertrain components with eDLP

March 11, 2021High-voltage batteries, electronics, and other vehicle components are exposed to a variety of punishing environmental influences during their life cycle.

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Image: Supra National Express

How one brokerage helped revolutionize Tajiguas Landfill’s green future

March 9, 2021By sourcing a fleet of CNG trucks, Loadsmith helps transform Santa Barbara County’s landfill into a sustainable long-term solution

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How to Deploy eTRUs: Lessons Learned from an Early Adopter

Watch this webinar recording from ACT News & California's public utility companies on strategies and tips for how to deploy eTRUs.

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