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Advanced Transportation Investor Summit Image

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“Advanced Transportation Investor Summit” Announced as Part of ACT Virtual Series

July 21, 2020Join organizers of the largest advanced transportation event—ACT Expo—for a first-of-its-kind “Advanced Transportation Investor Summit,” at ACT Virtual.

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Adopt-a-Port: Chevron funds bioCNG project to help fleets cut emissions

July 8, 2020Chevron announced is partnering with Clean Energy Fuels Corp. on Adopt-a-Port, an initiative that provides truck operators serving the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach with cleaner, carbon-negative renewable natural gas to reduce emissions.

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Amazon to power cargo jets with sustainable fuel

July 8, 2020Amazon’s air cargo operation is contributing to meet the company’s goal of being carbon neutral by 2040 with an agreement to purchase up to six million gallons of jet fuel made from renewable sources.

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Greenlane Renewables Signs Supply Contract with Grupo Cocal

July 7, 2020Greenlane Renewables Inc. says its wholly-owned subsidiary, Greenlane Biogas North America Ltd., has signed a $1.8 million contract with Grupo Cocal, a Brazilian sugar mill operator that refines sugar and produces ethanol biofuel from sugarcane.

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Biomethane, the key to decarbonize now the European mobility

July 6, 2020The European Biogas Association (EBA) is launching a new paper providing a comprehensive analysis on the potential of biomethane for the fast decarbonization of the transport sector and policy recommendations to ensure the further scale-up of this green fuel.

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DOE Selects Projects to Accelerate Adoption of Biofuels

July 6, 2020The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has selected seven projects – totaling $1.94 million – to conduct research and development to accelerate the adoption of performance-advantaged biofuel blendstocks.

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Report: Biomass, biofuels can help US meet net-zero goal

July 1, 2020The House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis on June 30 unveiled a climate crisis action plan that aims to serve as a congressional roadmap to help the U.S. reach net-zero emissions by 2050. Biomass, biogas and biofuels will help meet that goal, according to the committee.

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carbon-negative fuel from Trillium

Image: Trillium

What is Carbon-Negative Fuel and How Can Fleets Procure It?

June 30, 2020The use of carbon-negative fuel is an important element not only for transportation, but also for any community seeking to reduce its climate footprint.

Ways2H, Ford, Bacon & Davis Partner to Build Hydrogen Facility

June 30, 2020Ways2H Inc. and Ford, Bacon & Davis have partnered to form a joint collaboration to design and build waste-to-hydrogen facilities in California and other locations in the U.S., to produce renewable hydrogen fuel for customers in the mobility and power generation sectors, and offer alternative disposal options for waste processing and waste disposal companies.

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House Democrats Seek to Provide Tax Incentives to Renewable Industry

June 29, 2020House Democrats have revealed a green tax package that offers tax incentives to the renewable energy industry, for electric vehicles and for other environmentally conscious companies, according to recent reporting from The Hill.

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Biofuels, bioenergy to benefit from Growing Climate Solutions Act

June 24, 2020The legislation aims to break down barriers for farmers and foresters interested in participating in carbon markets so they can be rewarded for climate-smart practices. To do this, it would create a certification program at USDA to help solve technical entry barriers that prevent farmer and forest landowner participation in carbon credit markets.

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Massive ‘Green’ Highway Bill Heads to House Floor

June 22, 2020After more than 24 hours of debate that included the consideration of 177 amendments, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure approved the Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface Transportation in America (INVEST in America) Act by a party-line vote of 35 to 25.

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Funding Program Helped Manhattan Beer Purchase RNG Truck

Image: Empire Clean Cities, NYC

Funding Programs Available for Clean Truck Technology and Fuels to Reduce Diesel Exhaust Impacts in New York City

June 18, 2020Funding opportunities in NYC for the replacement of older diesel trucks with clean truck technologies in environmental justice communities.

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LCFS Example of EV Truck

Image: Volvo Trucks

How to Leverage LCFS to Increase EV Sales: OEMs and Dealers Toolkit

June 18, 2020The low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) programs in California and Oregon offer a significant sales tool for OEMs and dealers by educating fleets on how to reduce the upfront costs of EVs. In the previous article, “Generate Revenue with Clean Fuels,” the LCFS program is explained in more detail. In brief, LCFS works as a...

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Fleets can make funding applications competitive to secure grants and incentives support electrification.

Study finds California Advanced Clean Trucks rule will generate $7-12B in overall savings by 2040

June 18, 2020New research from Energy Innovation and the Environmental Defense Fund calculates that California’s Advanced Clean Trucks rule proposal—the first of its kind in the US—will generate between $7-$12 billion in overall economic savings by 2040 and would also help create a market for up to 500,000 new electric trucks across the state for EV truck makers such...

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Volkswagen, first voyage on world’s largest LNG-powered car carrier

June 18, 2020For the first time, Volkswagen vehicles will be transported from Europe to North and Central America on a car freighter powered by LNG.

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