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Americans Remain Wary of Self-Driving Car Safety

July 13, 2021Close to one-third (31%) of drivers in 2021 said they were concerned about the development of self-driving cars as compared with nearly half (47%) in 2018, according to a recent survey from Car Gurus.

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Stellantis’ EV Plan: Four New Electric Platforms, Five Gigafactories

July 8, 2021Stellantis, the automaker with a portfolio of 14 brands that includes Jeep, Ram, Peugeot, and Citroën, is planning four new platforms for battery-electric vehicles as part of its electrification strategy.

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NYC DOT curbside electric vehicle charging pilot

Image: NYC DOT

Curbside Electric Vehicle Charging Now Available in New York City

July 7, 2021NYC DOT curbside electric vehicle charging pilot for public use will help support a sustainable, fossil-fuel free future for New Yorkers.

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Tesla Delivers Record 201,250 Cars in Second Quarter

July 2, 2021Tesla Inc. delivered 201,250 cars worldwide in the second quarter, a record for the electric-car maker led by CEO Elon Musk.

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Inside Hewlett Foundation’s Plan to Electrify All Road Transportation by 2050

June 30, 2021Foundations, celebrity philanthropists, and tech giants alike have announced plans this year, with grand sums of money attached, to combat climate change, including the Hewlett Foundation, which recently announced a zero-emissions strategy that has a specific focus on road transportation decarbonization.

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Honda to Bring Prologue Battery-Electric SUV to Market in 2024

June 28, 2021Honda has announced that its new battery-electric SUV, the Prologue, will be coming to market in early 2024, along with an all-electric Acura SUV.

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GM and Ford Dealers Warily Prepare for EV Transition

June 24, 2021The wind may just be shifting. CNBC recently spoke with a number of US auto dealers about the changes coming to the industry, and reports that “salespeople are getting ready to put you in an EV today.”

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VW CEO Sees Autonomy Transforming Cars More Than Electrification

June 23, 2021Volkswagen AG is undergoing the world’s largest industrial overhaul for the electric-vehicle age, plotting half a dozen battery plants just in Europe and retooling assembly lines around the globe. And yet, its CEO sees autonomous-driving technology bringing about an even bigger shift.

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GM to Spend More on Electric Vehicles, Add Battery Plants

June 16, 2021General Motors will raise its spending on electric and autonomous vehicles and add two U.S. battery factories as it gambles that consumers will eagerly switch from gasoline to the new technology.

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Why You’ll Have to Wait for Self-Driving Cars

June 12, 2021As it turns out, it’s not easy to get self-driving cars ready for the general public, even with the auto industry investing hundreds of millions of dollars in the technology.

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Propane autogas delivery

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Propane Autogas Provides Energy Supply Resiliency

June 10, 2021Propane autogas is a portable, clean energy source that not only keeps fleets operating smoothly every day, but also during times of crisis.

Propane Education & Research Council (PERC)

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The Urban, Low-Speed EV is Having a Moment

June 9, 2021In China, a 10-foot-long minicar called the Wuling Hongguang Mini — made by General Motors and Chinese automakers SAIC and Guangxi Automobile — is topping 250,000 in total sales.

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VW Starts Turning Greek Island into an EV Oasis

June 4, 2021Volkswagen launched its grand EV experiment on the Greek island of Astypalea this week, which the automaker plans to turn into a model for green mobility in Europe, using it as a lab of sorts for sustainable and carbon-neutral living.

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How Electric Taxis and Fleets Can Speed Decarbonization

May 25, 2021High-mileage fleets, such as taxis and hire cars, have an outsized influence on emissions. They drive 4 times more miles than the average car, so the quicker they switch to electric, the better it will be for the planet. Electrifying these fleets therefore should be a priority.

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Image: Victoria Fire Department

Canadian Fire Department Replaces Larger Vehicles With EVs

May 19, 2021The Victoria Fire Department has deployed five 2020 Chevrolet Bolt LT electric vehicles. Referred to as FireBolts, the vehicles will replace three, small gas-powered pick-up trucks and two mid-size SUVs previously used by the Fire Prevention Division.

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VW Plans Autonomous Goods and People Transport by 2025

May 13, 2021Volkswagen is putting a flag in the sand on autonomy, and the automaker says light commercial vehicles are the first, logical place for deploying autonomous transportation of people and goods.

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