Preparing for an EV Fleet: Calculating Total Cost of Ownership

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You have researched available medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles, explored charging requirements, and began considering how many EVs could be deployed in your fleet. The next step for a fleet making the transition to electric is understanding the costs (and cost-savings) involved with deploying EVs. Fleets that are used to managing conventional vehicles and fuels may miss key budgeting considerations that can make or break an EV project.

Watch this webinar recording to gain insight into:

  • Key total cost of ownership considerations for EV deployments
  • Ways to manage costs to improve return on investments
  • Real-world cost-savings for fleets that have deployed EVs


This is the first installment of a two-part webinar series on preparing for EV deployment with utility partners. CLICK HERE to watch the recording for Webinar 2, “Keep the Power On: Developing an Energy Resiliency Plan for Your Fleet.” For those operating in PG&E’s area, you can start by contacting an EV Fleet specialist or visiting to get access to resources that can help at any stage of the electrification process.


Dean Kunesh

EV Fleet Specialist


Jarrod Kohut

Jarrod Kohout

Project Director


Nick Chase

Asset & Administration Manager

Bolthouse Farms