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DTNA Commits to Carbon-Neutral Truck Production

December 15, 2020Daimler Trucks North America’s Portland truck manufacturing plant is on track to meet carbon-neutral goals this year through reduced energy consumption and the offset of on-site emissions.

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Economics of Electric Trucks Remain an Adoption Challenge

December 15, 2020The economics of operating heavy-duty electric trucks remains behind their diesel-fueled counterparts but is improving, according to an analysis by Goldman Sachs Investment Research.


European Commission calls for conversion to zero-emission vehicles by 2050

December 14, 2020The European Commission is aiming to convert nearly all cars, buses and heavy-duty vehicles to zero emissions by 2050.

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Mercedes-Benz Bank offers insurance especially designed for EVs

December 9, 2020Mercedes-Benz Bank, together with insurance partner R+V/KRAVAG, is now offering insurance policies specially adapted to the requirements of commercial EV owners.

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GM Links Sustainability to EV Development

December 8, 2020Adopting sustainable practices such as sharply limiting waste trucked to landfills is saving General Motors $100 million in annual operating costs, a company executive says.

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Growth in carbon neutral RNG spotlights debate on electric- vs. renewable-powered trucks

December 8, 2020In 2020, a company that sells renewable natural gas to California medium- and heavy-duty trucking fleets can make as much as $10-$12 per diesel gallon, according to Cliff Gladstein, president of Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA), a leading clean transportation consulting firm.

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California Could Require EV Charging Stations

December 7, 2020California is planning to become the first state to require electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at new nonresidential developments, according to a report by Charged Future.

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PG&E creates tool for fleets to weigh costs of switching to EVs

December 7, 2020The northern California utility, which has its own goals to move its fleet to electric, offers fleets guidance and deals as the state moves toward its 2045 zero-emissions goals.

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Canada Looks to EVs to Address Waning Automotive Industry

December 7, 2020With a deliberate approach for drivers and industry, zero-emission vehicles can both cut pollution and set Canada’s auto sector up to compete in the global economy, according to a recent report from Clean Energy Canada.

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EV Fleet Pilot Program

EV Fleet Savings Calculator to Help with EV Cost Analysis

December 3, 2020New EV Fleet Savings Calculator helps PG&E customers with medium- and heavy-duty fleet vehicles explore transitioning to EVs.

How to determine an electric vehicle framework in Canada

December 2, 2020By identifying these three factors – technology, need and support – it can be decided which areas of Canada where electric truck distribution makes the most sense.

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NGV image in maintenance department

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Study Will Analyze Maintenance Data From NGV Truck Fleets

December 1, 2020A new study will analyze data from NGV & diesel over-the-road medium- & heavy-duty trucks to provide a clear understanding of NGV maintenance.

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Electric truck being plugged in

High-Potential Regions for Deployment of Electric Trucks

December 1, 2020Electric trucks in regional haul deliver the most value when looking at the intersection of technology, need and support.

North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE)

NACFE launches series on the autonomous perspective

December 1, 2020Given the growth of autonomous vehicles (AVs) in trucking, the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) has begun publishing a series of papers under the banner NACFE’s Perspective on Autonomous Trucking.

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Electrified Trucking: Getting in Gear Should Begin Now

November 24, 2020As interest in electrified heavy-duty trucks accelerates, fleet and sustainability managers may want to gain the benefits of going cleaner and greener – but be intimidated by what it takes to make the shift.


2021 Expected to Be Pivotal Year for Commercialization of Electric Vehicles

November 24, 2020With major truck manufacturers pushing into factory-built electric vehicles, 2021 is poised to be the year for the technology to transition from pilot testing to commercialization.

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